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Yogurt Campaign Print Ad – Kids & Teens

by Jessica @ Canada –

Are you looking for a kids modeling job? There is a new casting call for child models! An upcoming Yogurt ad is now casting kids and teens! The audition is looking for boys and girls [...]

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Loonie continues slide alongside global stock markets but it is expected to stabilize

Loonie continues slide alongside global stock markets but it is expected to stabilize

by @

Some market observers see signs the loonie's fortunes will change this year even as the Canadian dollar continued its slide Monday.

Mom and Baby 0-7 months “Talk Time” Newmarket

by Childs Life @ Upcoming Events – Child's Life

Mommy Connections introduces you to programs and services available within your community. Our classes provide a unique learning opportunity as well as a fun way to bond with your child and other moms in a social environment. Each week’s class features a discussion lead by a local expert followed by a fun activity for mom […]

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Eating an African Heritage Diet: What It Is and How to Do It

by Victoria Simpson @ RateMDs Health News

Here’s how changing your diet could alter your life, by looking to the past. The first week of February marks African Heritage and Health Week, annually across the United States. The celebration makes for a great way to kick off Black History Month, which happens throughout the second month of the year annually and celebrates the achievements and accomplishments of African Americans throughout history. It’s the perfect time to broaden your knowledge and be inspired. And one of my favorite ways of doing this is through a good meal. But what to eat? To date, I have a limited, maybe

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Bravo Probiotics - Makes GcMAF (MAF314) in your Gut!

Bravo Probiotics - Makes GcMAF (MAF314) In Your Gut

Frogs at the RBG

by Childs Life @ Upcoming Events – Child's Life

Experience the most visually stunning, vocally pleasing, and adaptively remarkable life forms on earth with RBG’s winter exhibit, Frogs! If you’ve never thought of frogs as beautiful, this exhibition will change your mind. Frogs! is a dynamic exhibit experience with two special exhibitions and daily, family-friendly activities where visitors of all ages can explore the wonderful world of […]

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The Post

by (beth) @ Born to Blog by Beth Kaplan

On the weekend I went to visit dear friends, a couple who have been swept away by a tide of misfortune - and are fine. He was diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo radiation and chemo, and as he was beginning to recover, they discovered that their house had been contaminated by a flood of heating oil from a renovation being done poorly and cheaply next door. And then she broke her pelvis. They lived in a nursing home for awhile while they both got well and now are in a condo downtown; it will be many months, while the contaminated soil under their house is removed, before they can move back home. Not that long ago, all was hunkydory, and then all that slammed them. But they are remarkably resilient and cheerful, and the condo is lovely.

"But it's not home," he said.

Speaking of home, my reno is on. I've had the go-ahead from the bank and met with John and his architectural consultant friend, and we came up with a plan that looks great. It'll be excruciating and expensive and totally disruptive, I'll have to get rid of a ton of stuff and will end up with a bit more than half the house I have now - and that's as it should be. Now looking for a contractor. Please let me know if you have a lead.

Last night, the first class of the Ryerson term - it's always exciting to meet new people, and this time, to find 3 students from past terms back for more, including one from 5 years ago, a sports writer for the Star. And tomorrow night, my home class. The adventure begins.

Tonight, "The Post", how a brave newspaper printed leaked documents despite an injunction, and saved us from the deceitful American government. Wait - what year was that?! Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks, superb, but best of all, the smoky newsrooms with their clacking typewriters, lovingly recreated, and closeups of printing presses, oily metal machinery turning, typesetters at work with blocks of type - heaven. A free press could not matter more. A great film at just the right time. Thank you, Steven Spielberg.

Orange and Red

by (Bull E. Vard) @ Hot Blog on a Stick

The Pitch's Fat City blog has been doing a series of posts counting down their 50 favorite dishes in KC. It's reasonably interesting and should certainly be used as a guide to trying new things in the area. That's exactly what I did Saturday morning as I was strolling along at the Overland Park Farmer's Market. I decided to stop into Clock Tower Bakery to grab a croissant (I love croissants and Clock Tower Bakery has pretty good ones, they even have a chocolate croissant), but they were either out or didn't have any that day. So, I dug into my memory banks and remembered that the orange roll from Clock Tower was one of the 50 favorite dishes. So I got it.

Mind you, I only had one and it may have been a bad one, but if that roll was one of the 50 best dishes in KC then KC isn't quite the food city I believe it to be. And that's not to say the orange roll was bad, but the orange zest may have had a little too much pith in it because it made each bite a little more bitter than I would have liked it. In the end, I would have preferred one of my beloved croissants.

Not only would I not put the orange roll on my list of top 50 dishes, it wasn't even the best dish I had that day. Rather surprisingly, in a day where I had Harry's Country Club fish and chips and some pulled pork in addition to the orange roll, my favorite dish of the day came from Mission Bowl. We had decided to go bowling at our neighborhood bowling fun center after dinner. We happened upon quite the little deal where each game cost $1.50 plus we got 2 free sodas. They also had some snacks set out at a little table by the concession stand. It had been several hours since I ate so I went to check out the snacks. They had some tortilla chips set out with a couple of little crock pots full of queso. They also had some red shelled mini tacos (I call em 2 bite tacos from my days eating at Willie C's in Wichita). I have a strong love for 2 bite tacos and I was intrigued by these red shelled ones. I grabbed 5 or 6 and headed back to our bowling lane.

This is not hyperbole, from my first bite of the red 2 bite taco I knew I was eating the best bowling alley meal of my life. They were fiery hot and quite dangerous to take a bite and then bowl. After the first one I learned to eat them while Stella was bowling so I could drink from my big PBR can after each taco. The first 6 were gone quite quickly, Stella was even addicted to them. I went back and got 10 more and found out they were jalapeno chicken mini tacos. These 10 were gone in a matter of moments. Unfortunately, Mission Bowl didn't put any more out so we were left with just chips to eat (I have a rule about not eating from crock pots in Mission). The jalapeno chicken mini tacos might force me to take up bowling or at the very least start eating at Mission Bowl. The red mini tacos definitely make my top 50 KC food items.

As an aside, I have been doing some Googling today trying to find the red delights and I've come up with nothing. I've never seen these anywhere and I'm sure they come off the back of a Sysco truck. I don't understand why more places don't have the red mini tacos. They're simply divine.

Chill Out:  Frozen Treats That Satisfy Your Summer Sweet Tooth

Chill Out: Frozen Treats That Satisfy Your Summer Sweet Tooth

Little Rock Soiree

What make ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt and soft-serve ice cream unique? Glad you asked.

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Dr. Jason K. Tam


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