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Relax by the Pool Singin' the Sun City Blues: Friday, February 9th!

by (Patrick James Dunn) @ YearoftheRoosterBlues

I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that I don't know the answer. -Douglas Adams, author (11 Mar 1952-2001)

Lazy sleep-in until 8:00 am. Must be that the decadent habits of the ultra-laid back Sun City Folk are having a deleterious effect on our otherwise up and at 'em approach to life. And we thought that The Okanagan was a relaxed place to live, Dear Reader! Not so when first two things you see almost as soon as you manage to leave your bed are a swimming pool and a golf course!

Henryk and I drove over to the same estate sale we visited yesterday as he wanted to see if a table they were interested in had been reduced in price. It had but I suggested he wait until tomorrow as if it hadn't sold, by then, it would be cut by 50%. Next on to Fry's to fill up tank and buy some yogurt and Prosciutto, former for breakfast, latter to wrap asparagus with to have as appetizers this evening. Once back I sliced up some of Henryk's wonderful tomatoes, topped them with cheese and grilled them. Delicioso! We chatted around table for a bit, assigning everyone a specific task for dinner: Lady Dar will prepare appetizers, Henryk will bbq chicken, I will make the Greek salad and Louise will pour drinks and supervise!

Hello Famiglia! Trust all goes well in The Frozen North! After breakfast we chatted around table for a bit, assigning everyone a specific task for dinner: Lady Dar will prepare appetizers, Henryk will bbq chicken, I will make the Greek salad and Louise will pour drinks and supervise! She and Lady Dar just left for Power Shopping at Target, Henryk is working on a small project in the garden and I'm about to suit up for another ride. Plan/hope to finally log my basic distance, 51 km! Fondestos, Love and Cheers, Dad/Patrizzio!

Once I'd made myself a spot of lunch, (Louise's delicious baked beans, topped with pickled red peppers and grated cheese), I put on sunscreen and suited up. Was ready to roll just after 2:00 pm so I waved goodbye to Henryk, working away on a new metal fence he was erecting along the side of the house. Hadn't really decided exactly where I was going to ride but once I was on N Country Club Drive I decided I'd work the streets running off it before turning my attention to the smaller grid bounded by Lindgren Ave, Granada and Wrangler Drives. Having ridden over most, if not all, of these streets on my last two outings here, I had become reasonably familiar with how they intersected with one another and this allowed me to "blanket" a given section before moving on to a neighbouring grid. 

Again, exceptionally enjoyable as there is virtually no traffic and the riding surface couldn't be better, smooth, smooth tarmac, completely free of grit or any other debris, for that matter. The odd time I'd have to ride around a pile of palm branches waiting to be hauled away or some old shingles next to a re-roofing project but other than those few occurrences the road belonged to me. Did encounter a few other cyclists, from time to time, but most people were not wearing helmets, only two out of perhaps ten cyclists I saw. Anyway, by the time I'd logged about two thirds of the distance, (34 km), I planned to ride I knew that I wouldn't even have to cross over Union Hills Drive. Pleased that The Dreaded Burning Ground would not be an issue should the traffic lights there not be in my favour, I was happy to stay in "my home sector" and ticked off the remaining distance on a number of the longer runs which the "main" streets such as Foothills, Palmeras and Lindgren allow. Pleased as punch I was back home by about 4:30 pm. Map and Stats for ride:
Found the gang at the patio table by the pool, Henryk enjoying a much deserved beer, The Power Shoppers still high from their many purchases. I wanted to snap a few pictures of the large wooden support "crates" built around a given cactus when a landscape company removes it from someone's yard. I had noticed such a one across from the estate sale yesterday and wanted to capture it. Louise mentioned that when one of their neighbours had a giant Saguaro removed they, and other neighbours, took their lawn chairs across the street to watch the already crated cactus being loaded onto a flat-bed. The frame provides the support structure and the various "arms" have protective carpeting wrapped against and around them to prevent the wire or rope fastenings from damaging the surface or cutting through the limb entirely. Quite a process given the size of these magnificent plants.
Henryk very kindly offered to drive me over so we piled into his golf cart and I snapped a few pictures. Then on to Cottonwood Drive as I wanted to take a few snapolas of a 1947 Ford pick-up, sporting a For Sale sign, I'd noticed earlier on my ride. Not that I was interested in buying it but it was quite a striking example of a weathered vehicle still in reasonable condition. Main reason for wanting to photograph it had to do with seeing the striking couches, made from used car parts, at the ArtWalk. I wanted to show good friend, Al Waldron, back home, what he might consider doing. He has such a creative talent, melded with welding and fabrication expertise that I thought he might be interested in seeing both the finished "product" and the raw material, so to speak. Of course, if he was interested, I'm sure he could find any parts he might wish to use in an auto-wreckes yard. 

Anyway, once I took the photos I wanted, back home to make the Greek salad I was responsible for sipping on Tequila! Henryk offered me two, the first a Costco Kirkland Añejo, and the second, a Casamigos Blanco, apparently a George Clooney venture, along with two other partners, I believe. Must say that the "house" Tequila took my fancy as it was far more pleasingly aromatic and spicier, to my untutored Tequila palette. Will certainly look for it when next in Costco here in the US, especially since it is only about $12! 

Delicious appetizers and dinner and then watched Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan in The Foreigner. Absolutley delighted as I'm only seen the beginning on the flight from Alajeula to LA! Fell into bed what with ride and not inconsiderable amount of Tequila!

Jack Rabbitt Slims Does The Downward Facing Dog Blues: Sunday, February 11th!

by (Patrick James Dunn) @ YearoftheRoosterBlues

Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages. -Thomas Edison, inventor (11 Feb 1847-1931) 

Hi Duke and Etta! Please help Chloë stay! Album of our hike earlier today! Life is grand here in Sedona! All the best for your exam. Love, Dad!

Gill and Phil took us on a walk/short hike this morning. Lady Dar stayed by the creek, to read, while the three of us followed the trail, part of the way towards the base of Cathedral. Back home we had a quick bite to eat and then we headed out for a bike ride. Lady Dar needed to be home to receive a call, from Vancouver, from couple she will marry in August, in Naramata, at the Heritage Inn. We followed one of Gill's regular routes and my eyes were always popping out of my head at the stunningly spectacular views and vistas. They literally take your breath away, so magnificent are the colours and sheer size of the formations. 

Only thing that marred an otherwise perfect outing was the fact that my, obviously not-so trusty, new Garmin, stopped, frozen screen and all, twenty minutes into the ride. Catastrophe, indeed, Dear Reader! Had never experienced such a situation. Hoped it would revitalize itself when I plugged it in to my computer, once home. No luck. Decided I'd phone the Garmin Help Line, which I have used to good effect in the past, tomorrow. Map and Stats for ride: 

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Highway 10 Revisited to Sing the Palm Desert Blues: Monday, February 5th!

by (Patrick James Dunn) @ YearoftheRoosterBlues

A king can stand people fighting but he can't last long if people start thinking. -Will Rogers, humorist (4 Nov 1879-1935) 

Up at just before 5:00 am. I guess my bio-clock was still on Costa Rican time. Anyway, I decided I leave Lady Dar to continue her gentle snoring, matched quite nicely from Ayn's similar efforts upstairs. Was interesting to note that being back in Tinsel Town the cries of the Howler monkeys were replaced by police or ambulance sirens and the crash of the surf by the waves of traffic on the nearbye freeways. Cannot complain as there are still gorgeous palm trees outside our bedroom window. As soon as The Sisterhood stirred, around 7:00 am, I started to load the car as we were off to Palm Desert to stay with Lynne and Peter for a couple of nights.  

When Ayn was up she very kindly did a load of laundry for us and then took Winston for his morning constitutional while it was being machine washed as opposed to being rinsed in the bathroom sinks and showers of Costa Rica. While she was away we reorganized our mounds of possessions, [Hadn't remembered we had left so much baggage in Tinsel Town!], as we didn't really want to take anything we wouldn't need for the next few weeks on the road, other than plenty of hootch, that is. Made the first trip to the garage using Ayn's large, collapsible, metal grocery cart. For the rest of trips I used the back stairs as it was far closer to the garage. When I'd put everything we wouldn't need for the next few days, in the very back, I was able to put my bike on the rack. Although I had it covered with a tarp, on Ayn's small patio, I could see that the chain and gears were both coated with a fine layer of grit. Ayn had dusted off our car the day before as she said they had had quite strong winds earlier that week, swirling clouds of fine sand everywhere. 

When Ayn was back with Winston she made a lovely breakfast, scrambled eggs and bacon, and after we finished eating she went to collect the laundry. About 10:30 am, we'd taken final bits and pieces to the car and were ready to roll. We thanked her for everything and made our fond farewells, having made tentative plans to be back around the 16th, for the weekend. This works for both her and Los Horridos as Alex is off and Pierre will not be in class. After stopping to fill up, on the corner of Victory and Woodman, we set off, a few minutes before 11:00 am. Traffic was moving well everywhere and Garmin Girl helped us negotiate between various freeways. We've made this drive a number of times so reasonably familiar with the route, inasmuch as I recognize various landmarks along the way, through Pasadena, in particular. Still quite taken with the huge windmill farms one encounters as I-10 crosses the San Gorgonio Pass, not far from Palm Springs. Unfortunately, and very sadly so, this "green power" wreaks a terrible toll on birds and bats so one wonders why solar farms are not the choice, given the ideal conditions here for such technology.

Just after 1:00 pm we were on Shadow Lake Drive and as we approached the house where we would be staying, we noticed Lynne was walking towards the gate. I honked at her and she complemented us on our perfect timing! She had been out doing a bit of shopping while Peter was working on one of his reports. Once we'd said our hellos Peter helped me unload what we wanted inside. That done, I took my bike into the front garden to hose it off. Temperature was about 86º F, (30º C), so I didn't need to wipe it down as it was almost bone dry by the time I was ready to put some oil on the chain. Lady Dar was already lolling on a deck chair beside the pool by the time I was suited up and ready to go for a ride. Pumped up my tires before oiling the gears and chain and I left the house at about 2:40 pm. 

Had a pretty good idea about where I wanted to go although I had to do a little bit of circling until my odometre picked up a satellite. Once I was connected, I followed Shadow Lake Drive, east, crossing Portola Ave, [A good, fairly gradual but extended for uphill climb, for about four or five km, which I'd done a number of times on last visit.], to follow the bike/golf cart dedicated lane, (One of the delights of being in such a golf oriented community!), until it ended at Indian Wells Lane. Dipsy-doodled through some of the side streets here, back to Eldorado Drive, taking it to Hwy 111 and then headed east on it. Terrific bath path here so I sailed along, almost always in the shade as the tall palms to my right blocked out most of the late afternoon sun. Almost perfect cycling weather as the slight breeze I was riding into was refreshing and not strong enough to have to struggle against. 

Quite a magical time, enjoying the manicured gardens and shrubbery along both sides of the double-lane highway. There was a reasonable amount of traffic but I never felt uncomfortable at any time. Not very many stop lights but whenever I came across one, not in my favour, I could easily, and safely, nip right towards the entrance-way of the gated community beyond and loop back to the bike lane. Shortly after crossing Manitou Drive, I could see the stadium of the Indian Wells Tennis Garden, off to my left. Continuing on, I made my way as far as Plaza La Quinta where the dedicated lane came to an end. There was much more traffic here and I considered following Washington Street to see what I could see but decided against it once I discovered there wasn't a bike lane at that point. Turned around in the parking lot and made my way back along 111 thought this time I rode on the wide sidewalk which runs parallel to the highway. I had seen other bikers using it when I was on the road so decided I might as well do the same and not have to touch the Dreaded Burning Ground waiting to cross the highway.

Had even more shade on return leg as I was closer to the tall walls and fences, palms and other shrubbery, which encircle the huge golf course and housing developments thereabouts. Met a number of golf carts but each time the drivers pulled over on to the lush grass to allow me to pass. Soon found myself back on El Dorado and as I wanted to log at least half of my basic distance, 51 km. Although I felt fine, not having ridden for almost two months now, I didn't want to overtax my legs, planning to ride further in the days to come. Back home at just after 4:00 pm. Map and Stats for ride:

After stowing my bike back in the garage I walked into the kitchen to find that Happy Hour was just about to start! Had a large glass of water before we clinked glasses, filled with wonderful G&T's by Mixologist Extraordinaire, Jugos Dom Pedro! What a wonderful reward for a most enjoyable first ride since leaving Tinsel Town for Costa Rica. Quick shower and another G&T before dinner. Lynne had made two salads, potatoe and coleslaw, earlier and put the ribs and sausages we were having for dinner, on to biol, for a few minutes, before Jugos grilled them on the bbq. Delicious dinner with a couple of bottles of Coffaro, both from 2016, an Escuro, 15.4%, and a Petite Sirah, 15.5%, and extremely, extremely well received by our hosts, not as familiar with their product as we happen to be, of course. 

Couple of snorts of Ron Centenario for dessert as we watched two episodes of Manhunt: Unabomber. Quite a fascinating story, in itself, and I found the use of flashbacks made it even more interesting. By 10:00 pm I was more than ready for bed so thanked our gracious hosts and toddled off to brush and floss and then fall into bed leaving Lady Dar to turn off the lights as she was still reading. Quite a way to end one holiday and begin another.

Patrick, Just re-read your email and realized it was from January 15th. I am a little slow replying! We have been in Hawaii since January 13th and are enjoying it as usual. We often think of you as there are lots of serious bikers here especially on the highway from Kona north.

Life here has been relaxed. We have been going for a good walk every morning and having a couple of swims usually in the ocean in the afternoon and reading. We have discovered some new beaches that are beautiful and fairly easy to get to. We were at one last week where we watched a Hawaiian Monk Seal in the water for quite awhile and then she came up on the beach to sun tan. She weighed 900# and was about 9 years old according to a lady that put up signs to stay back from the seal. Also watched turtles in the water there.

We went to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Waimea on Saturday which was lots of fun. It celebrates the Japanese contributions to the Island. It was very busy with local people and had lots of events to see. They had 3 shows of Japanese drummers which were excellent, cooking demos, lion dances and lots of craft and food booths. I am sure 1/2 the Island’s population had a craft booth.

We went to see the volcano one day as we haven’t been for a few years and met up with a torrential downpour that just wouldn’t stop so ended up coming home after seeing nothing. A 5 hour drive for naught. We are going to try to go on a night walk as apparently you can see the lava flowing right by your feet.

We are here for another 8 days and then head home with a couple of days in Vancouver en route. Terrace has had snow almost everyday for the last two weeks so we certainly have picked the right time to be away. We hope to take up skiing again when we get back. It has been about 10 years since we have been so I am a little nervous. We watched the Super Bowl yesterday and were disappointed that the Patriots lost. The ads, which usually are very entertaining seemed, on the whole, to be rather blah but maybe they appealed to a younger crowd. Are you back from Costa Rica and basking in the US sun - seems to me you were going to be in Palm Springs when you got back? I will send a few photos in a separate email. That’s about it for the Martins. Cheers, ��Dawn��

INSIDE AGRICULTURE: An Okanagan paradise

INSIDE AGRICULTURE: An Okanagan paradise

Penticton Herald

Carol and Mike Colbeck, owners of Tethered Lamb Vineyard and Guesthouse, have welcomed visitors from around the world to their rural piece of Okanagan paradise and sent them on their

Singin' The Sun City Blues: Wednesday, February 7th!

by (Patrick James Dunn) @ YearoftheRoosterBlues

I have known a vast quantity of nonsense talked about bad men not looking you in the face. Don't trust that conventional idea. Dishonesty will stare honesty out of countenance, any day in the week, if there is anything to be got by it. -Charles Dickens, novelist (7 Feb 1812-1870)

Hi Sad Sacks, et al! Terribly sorry to hear that you will not be playing at Il Palazzo di Naramata tonight!  Especially so since we were planning on FedExing some hors d'oeuvres and salad plates for your munching pleasure. Former by Lady Dar, latter by Patrizzio for last night's dinner. Started with cocktails around fire-pit. Must away as I need to start loading up The MarriageMobile as we are off to Sun City for the next leg of our sun belt vacation, then on to The Sedona Hole-in-the-Canyon Wall Gang. I'm sure there will be a game to be had there! Fondestos from Imelda, off to have an early morning soak in the hot-tub while her domestique packs her considerable amount of baggage, five suitcases, three devoted entirely to shoes! Cheers, Ever 'Yer 'Umble Emasculated Man of Service, Patrizzio! Pics:  Asparagus wrapped with Prosciutto; life around the camp-fire; saladin!

Hi Etta and Duke! Adored the two snapolas of you both but am sorry to learn that Chloë Alexis is making you do the dishes. I also understand that you are forced to vacuum! Must away as Peter had just made poached eggs for everyone and then need to finish loading car. Will be in touch from Sun City! Fondestos from Nana, packing her suitcase. Love and Cheers, Dad/Patrizzio!

Dear parents, Your beloved boy brought me a dead bird this morning while I was still sleeping in bed!!!! He was pouncing and fussing and I reached down on the end of the bed to throw the toy or paper off for him to play elsewhere but felt a soft and not expected shape!!!! Turned on the light to discover a small bird dead in my bed and a very proud Duke!!!! I immediately grabbed him and locked him in the rumpus room and had to get the dead bird cleaned up, bedding in HOT water wash and wash my hand and everything I could see a million times!!!

When I finally let him back in he raced to my room but I had the door closed and he was yelling at the door to be let in. When I finally let him in he was searching for the bird and annoyed with me I think. Did I mention this was at 5:30 am!!!! I think I’ll ship him to you!!! ❤️a very tired Chloë
Hi Birder Duke and OCD Woman, et al! Trust you are both well in spite of the trauma! I thought you liked doing laundry. Duke was just giving you an excuse to do it earlier than normal! Etta must be teaching him her techniques as she brought a bird into living room this past fall. Probably a deer will be next! Anyway, arrived here in Sun City, around 4:00 pm, local time as we lost an hour, coming from Palm Desert. Very easy drive although I-10 was almost bumper to bumper semi-trailers. Speed limit in Arizona is 75 mph so we sped along. Around Quartzite we noticed fields and fields and fields of RV's parked, side-by-each, some seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Cannot imagine what people do. Saw a number of dune-buggy-like rigs as well as ATVs so probably many tear around the small hills through the scrub of the flatlands. 

Turn off for Sun City is before Phoenix and no trouble taking exits so smooth sailing even though traffic was much heavier, closer to city, of course. Once we'd greeted Louise and Henryk, and unloaded our bags I even managed a ride, through the wide, almost completely without traffic, surrounding streets. Development is, more or less, based on ever widening circles so I was able to do loops within the confines of this huge development.  Saw three small rabbits, two garage sales and a mother and two daughters, pulling a small wagon, selling Girl Guide Cookies. 

Map and Stats fro ride: 

Will explore further today as golf carts are street legal whenever speed limit is under 35 mph and so biking is fabulous most everywhere hereabouts.Love and Cheers, Dad/Patrizzio!




Finally on Fairway After No Biking Blues: Tuesday, February 6th!

by (Patrick James Dunn) @ YearoftheRoosterBlues

True religion is the life we lead, not the creed we profess. -Louis Nizer, lawyer (6 Feb 1902-1994) 

My internal clock seems to wake me up, of late, at 7:00 am, no matter which country or city we find ourselves in. Very, very quiet, here on Shadow Lake Drive with just the gentle cooing of the lovely doves which perch in the trees which border the back patio, and perhaps, the burble of a few of the pool's hot tub jets. Life with the Naramatians in Palm Desert is more than wondrful! Lady Dar and I are on deck for dinner this evening so we will need to do a bit of grocery shopping, at some point. Other than that, nothing to do but continue to enjoy our very fortunate lives. A certainty, for me, will be to go for another ride to continue to explore parts of the city and some of the streets of the surroundings neighbourhoods that I didn't on our last visit here, three years ago now. I know, for a fact, that Lady Dar has a date with the dashingly handsome pool boy who brings her a tall Gin & Tonic, made with Boodles, whenever she snaps her fingers, if he isn't otherwise engaged in rubbing essential oils and other exotic unguents on her shoulders and back, the better to advance her Summer Skin! Such is the world of a member of the Pentcton aristocracy on winter holiday in the warmer climes of the Americas!

Hello Sun City Beer Fridge People! Trust you are both well and thanks for stocking the fridge, Henryk! We arrived yesterday and have been enjoying ourselves with Lynne and Peter ever since. I went for a short ride after we had unpacked and plan to go for a longer one as soon as I send this message. I took a quick look at Google Maps and see that from here to your place, drive is just two minutes over four hours. I assume we will hit I-10 between 9:00 am - 10:00 am, to have us knocking on your door around 2:00 pm, +/-, depending on traffic, etc. Fondestos from Lady Dar, ready to have a nap under patio umbrella after a delicious lunch and a couple of glasses of a 2016 Coffaro Barbera, 14.7%. I was a good boy and stuck to water as I don't want to fall off my bike! Fondestos from Lady Dar to you both. Looking forward to seeing you. Let me know if I have anything wrong. Otherwise we'll see you tomorrow. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Pics: Just before saying goodbye to Ayn in Tinsel Town; Peter at bbq last night; Lady Dar, still in her night shift, around pool this morning; Peter doing his laps; lunch with Lynne, et al, this afternoon.

Map and Stats for ride:

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