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The Romans are up to no good.


From time to time in the history of the Church, a group of apostates have overcome Vatican City.

It thankfully hasn't happened very often. But do you remember when the most recent group of apostates dismantled the Pontifical Academy of Life and St. John Paul II Institute to usher in events to confuse and diminish the efficacy of Church teaching on the Fifth Commandment?

The apostates did what they always do. Remove Catholics who teach Church teaching and use It as the guidance source for making right and wrong choices and they reconstituted the apostolates to hoodwink Catholics into breaking Commandments.

In anticipation of what we all knew would happen, a group of faithful Catholics formed a group to respond to the devil's work.

And respond they did:

John Paul II Academy for Human Life and the Family (JAHLF) said that the Nov. 16-17 conference hosted by the Pontifical Academy for Life (PAV) — which was recently gutted and re-constituted by Pope Francis — had "serious problems."

"The spirit of the meeting seems to have been precisely that: a neutral presentation of differing viewpoints on end-of-life questions," stated the document signed by JAHLF President Josef Seifert and other members of the academy....

"It is troubling that, just at a time when Catholic faithful most need firm and clear directions in order to resist the prevailing secular trends, the Holy See could have hosted a meeting in which opinions, which overtly contradict Catholic teaching, were treated as worthy opinions and even placed on the same level as those which uphold the Church’s teaching. In this regard, it is also troubling that the central ethical and theological truths concerning death, dying, and suffering were markedly underrepresented," they added.

As we all have experienced on the parish and diocese level, the presentations were maniacal:

"Seeking to impose on a doctor the duty to perform abortions or euthanasia (or, alternatively, to leave the medical profession or a given hospital), or to impose on him the duty to refer a woman to an abortionist, is gravely sinful and a direct violation of his inalienable human dignity and freedom of conscience, " they state.

"The same also applies to the case where a pro-life physician is claimed to be obliged to refer a patient (who requests physician-assisted suicide or euthanasia) to a colleague who would perform such acts. Not only is the pro-life physician not obliged to refer a patient to a colleague who would perform intrinsically wrong acts, he is also absolutely morally forbidden to do so," they continue.
"Not only is the pro-life physician not obliged to refer a patient to a colleague who would perform intrinsically wrong acts, he is also absolutely morally forbidden to do so," they add.

The authors revealed the fallacy behind the argument of "moral autonomy" to justify euthanasia and assisted suicide.

One can hardly imagine a worse perversion of moral truth and natural right than the idea that a person has a right to demand that other persons commit the crime to murder him. Nobody has any right whatsoever to demand from society to assist him to commit a crime against himself, or to oblige others to commit the crime of murdering him. Quite the contrary, the others and the State, in virtue of their true moral autonomy, a moral autonomy subjected to the truth, have the absolute moral duty to reject such a request.

I wonder if there is anyone sane who hasn't fled Rome with the ability to recognize the place has become infested. And not just a little. It needs to be quarantined, everyone in it needs to fast with 24 hour Adoration in every Church for 30 days and a dozen or so exorcists brought in?

Francis Bishop Urges Church to "Bless" Mortal Sins Instead of Absolving Them


Did you ever think you'd live to see the day when Catholic Bishops want to invent a ceremony for coveting thy neighbors wife?

What's next?

A liturgical ceremony for Thou Shalt Not Kill?

It is not out of the realm of possibility that we could see them telling bank robbers to stop by the rectory on their way home so the 'church' can 'bless' the stolen money.

And Catechist Kev brought this jewel to our attention:

"In comments to the Register last month, Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio insisted the Pope’s official endorsement of an Argentine directive on the issue did not contradict canon law.

The president of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts said it is true that “divorced and remarried (or cohabiting) cannot be admitted to Holy Communion because they are ‘in manifest grave sin.’”

But he added that there are “divorced and remarried (or cohabiting) who have the intention to change their condition but cannot. Therefore such faithful are only in objective sin, not subjective sin, precisely because they have the intention to change, even if they cannot. This intention makes a difference!”

[Kev here: this is straight out of the Fundamental Option theology on what constitutes mortal sin - it, the F.O., *contradicts* P(St.)JPII's Veritatis splendor who was trying to put the kibosh on this line of thinking]

He further noted that the relevant canon, number 915, states that Holy Communion cannot be allowed if the person remains “obstinately persevering” in grave sin. The word “obstinate” means “without any intention to change,” Cardinal Coccopalmerio said, “so these faithful can be admitted to Holy Communion because they have the intention to leave the condition of sin and therefore they are not in sin.”

He added that the “doctrine of sincere repentance” which contains the purpose of changing one's condition of life as a necessary requisite to be admitted to the sacrament of Penance “is respected” because the faithful in such hypothesised situations “are conscious, have conviction, of the situation of objective sin in which they currently find themselves.” They also “have the purpose of changing their condition of life, even if, at this moment, they are not able to implement their purpose.”

The cardinal added that the doctrine of “sanctifying grace as a necessary requisite to be admitted to the sacrament of the Eucharist is also respected” because the faithful in this case “haven’t yet arrived at a real change of life because of the impossibility of doing so, but have the intention of implementing this change.”

He said it is “precisely this theological element that allows absolution and access to the Eucharist, always — we repeat — in the presence of an impossibility to immediately change the condition of sin.”"

Do you think its possible that some priests believe you can absolve your own sins by thinking about stopping some day?

That would explain a lot.

A Few Fall Additions

by (Stephen Eli Harris) @ Newfoundland Labrador Blog Roll

Below are more lovely additions to the site, and these few will likely be the last new ones for the year. With only 2 months left to 2012 (as hard as that is to believe), I can't see many more requests to join coming in. Besides, I'll be focusing on the NL Blogger's Choice Awards which will be coming soon and, as of this update, everyone who is currently listed will have a chance to be a part of it... but I won't talk about that any more yet. For now, focus on the newbies below and go check them out! I'll get the the 2012 awards session soon enough...

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Long Overdue Update

by (Stephen Eli Harris) @ Newfoundland Labrador Blog Roll

Yes, I know I deserve a slap. It's been forever since this place has been updated; not at all in 2014 in fact. Shocking behaviour I know, but I didn't go through all of this year without a post, so that's something right? And it wasn't just an update of blogs neither. There are a few other changes around these parts as well, like a slight change to the layout, moving the blogrolls from the sidebars, to what I think is an easier viewing place below. There are some other changes throughout all the pages, which I won't bore you with, and there are some more updates on the way soon. No really, I still want to create a couple more categories - a Family/ Health one, and also a Food one perhaps. We'll get to that later, though...

Quite a few new blogs were waiting to be added this last several months, and I very much apologize for the wait. All those waiting have been added to their applicable rolls now though, and here they are listed below. Be sure to go say hello, and welcome them aboard!

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Keep Calm and Blog On

by (Stephen Eli Harris) @ Newfoundland Labrador Blog Roll

Even after 11 years of collecting and promoting blogs from Newfoundland and Labrador, I am still amazed by how many are out there. Our province is not heavily populated after all, and with platforms like Facebook and Twitter having already taken over all things social media, it's pretty amazing to see so many still kicking around. There are nearly 500 blogs listed on this page, and sure, some have been dormant for years, but over half have been updated in the last year; many of those in the last month. The main blogroll below lists them by most recent update. Take a peak and you'll see several updated within the last 24 hours even - at any point of reading this post.

I wanted to give an update, to let visitors know that I have spent quite a bit of time over the past few months cleaning things up around these parts. Several new additions were added, and several dead links removed, plus other big tweaks and adjustments to the rolls below. The story of the day, however, is that I have finally created the two new categories I've been wanting to create for seemingly forever now: FOOD / COOKING and HEALTH / FAMILY. There was such a large number of blogs with these themes in the other categories, I just had to split them out, and I'm glad it's finally done. Check out the new category mini rolls below, and they have their own sections as well if you prefer.

Visiting every blog in the list, and re-categorizing many of them, was quite time consuming, but I gotta say; what a ride! So, so, many awesome blogs out there, some of which have been listed here for a long time. Others are brand new, and this is something I find truly inspiring. New bloggers continue to be born every day it seems, giving me hope that this community will remain alive and fresh for many years to come.

To the bloggers both new and old: keep on bloggin' on!

Reports coming out of China say Pope Francis asked legitimate Bishops to step cede control to China's counterfeit church


Reliable sources are picking up on this story.

The Holy See has reportedly asked two Chinese bishops to stand aside to make way for illicitly ordained, Chinese government-backed counterparts.

A Vatican delegation asked Bishop Peter Zhuang of Shantou and Bishop Jospeh Guo Xijin of Mindong to retire or accept demotion in order to smooth relations with the Chinese government.

Asia News, the outlet of the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions, reports that 88-year-old Bishop Zhuang received a letter dated 26 October asking him to resign to make way for the government-backed Bishop Huang Bingzhang.

Bishop Huang was excommunicated in 2011 after being consecrated without Vatican approval. He is also a member of the National People’s Congress, the Chinese parliament.

Asia News reports that Bishop Zhuang was escorted to Beijing, where he met Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli, former president of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, who told him to retire – but with the proviso that he could nominate three priests, one of whom Bishop Huang would appoint as his vicar general.

Sources said Bishop Zhuang burst into tears on hearing the demand, adding that “it was meaningless to appoint a vicar general, who is still a priest that Bishop Huang could remove him anytime.”

So heartbreaking.

This is actually very consistent with what Pope Francis is doing in Christ's authentic Church. He is replacing faithful Catholic bishops/Cardinals in his see and replacing them with bishops and Cardinals with a history of heresy or apostasy.

More on the story here.

The pope will kibosh the authentic Catholic Church which must practice underground and give the counterfeit church its imprimatur. In turn, the counterfeit church will give Pope Francis a veto right on bishops who will serve in the counterfeit church.

So the heretics, apostates and corrupt now in control of the Holy See will able to 'express recommendations'. What could possibly go wrong?

Although some bishops were ordained without the permission of the Pope, “they still make every effort to explain to the Pope afterwards and ask for his understanding and acceptance,” the cardinal said. “Of course, if all the requirements are fulfilled, they will be absolved, accepted and probably be entrusted with the power to govern dioceses.”

The cardinal noted that seven bishops are currently “under the condition of excommunication” because of their illegitimate consecrations as bishops; some also have problems with moral conduct. Cardinal Tong said Pope Francis can lift the excommunications, if conditions permit, and the issues of moral problems would most likely be dealt with separately.

To be pardoned, offending bishops must write to the Pope asking for pardon and showing willingness to be in communion with the Church.

In addition to false teachings, all sexual debauchery of bishops will be dismissed with a letter asking the pope to forgive them.

“There was no mutual trust between the Holy See and Beijing, and this indirectly led to a lack of trust between the government and the unofficial community bishops, who insisted on the Church’s principles. Should there be an agreement between the Holy See and China on the appointment of bishops, that will imply considerable mutual trust between the parties [and] the bishops of the unofficial communities would no longer be regarded as the opposition for insisting on religious principles,” Cardinal Tong said.

Especially if you remove faithful bishops who insist on faithful religious principles and replace them with sexual predators and government appointed apostates.

The read kick in the head is, they are calling the execution of the Mystical Body of Christ in China 'imperfect freedom'.

Rotten to the core.

New Justice, New Challenges

by @ tioeljfd

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Parolin Denies Christ as Divine Interpreter of Truth


It's really spooky how brazenly diabolical this papacy conducts its affairs.

I somehow missed some of Parolin's statements in this gem:

The Vatican's Secretary of State defends the indefensible by denying the existence of Christ and His Authority to interpret Truth.

Where does one start?

This might possibly be the worst collection of lies from a Vatican spokesperson in the history of Christendom.

The cardinal also said “no one should cling to the spirit of opposition to condemn his brother or use the past as an excuse to stir up new resentments and closures,” and said some might be asked to “make a sacrifice” for the greater good of the Chinese Church.

Parolin also said the Church’s pastors should help the faithful “to recognize in the pope’s guidance the sure reference point for grasping God’s plan in the present circumstances.”

Christ's people must sacrifice their salvation and the salvation of their descendants 'for the greater good' of the governments counterfeit church.

The 'greater good'.

The Holy See has always maintained a pastoral approach, trying to overcome the contrasts and making itself available for a respectful and constructive dialogue with the civil authorities,” he said.

You can always count on them to be helpful to torturers and murderers. They pastorally and respectfully handed the Chinese government the hammer and nails that bound Christ to His instruments of torture and death.

Parolin said it was important to remember there are not two Churches in China, “but two communities of faithful called to follow a gradual path of reconciliation towards unity.”

“It is not, therefore, a matter of maintaining a perennial conflict between opposing principles and structures, but of finding realistic pastoral solutions that allow Catholics to live their faith and to continue together the work of evangelization in the specific Chinese context,” he said, adding that the point of the current dialogue is “safeguarding communion within the Church, in the wake of genuine Tradition and constant ecclesiastical discipline.”

It is absolutely astonishing that they would deny the existence of a counterfeit church teaching doctrinal heresies and suggest that surrendering our families to it is 'safeguarding communion WITHIN the Church'.

The lies are...just astonishing.

Here, Parolin suggests heresy and apostasy are consistent with Church teaching:

Speaking to La Stampa, Parolin said different points of view are allowed in the Church, but said he was convinced that part of the suffering experienced by the Church in China is not so much due to the will of individuals as to the objective complexity of the situation.

“Expressions such as power, betrayal, resistance, surrender, confrontation, failure, compromise, should make room for others, such as service, dialogue, mercy, forgiveness, reconciliation, collaboration, communion,” he said. “If you are not prepared to change this approach, there is a serious problem.”

They've got a serious problem on their hands all right. Nobody practicing the fiat of living every day in a state of grace is going to collaborate with the destruction of the price of our salvation.

Pope conducts impromptu wedding on plane. I guess the Flying Elvises were busy.


So the problem with this, of course, is that this is yet another confirmation he wishes to teach that spouses are dispensable. The permanence of marriage is so insignificant, that one can literally get married without any discernment about compatibility, shared common goals.

Rob your family and loved ones of being present.

I get this was a convalidation, but the uncatechized are incapable of understanding the distinction, as one can tell by the secular media stories.

No guidance or catechesis or survival tools are necessary.  Rob the people who know and love you the most from advisory roles on conflicts they see that challenge permanence.  Immaturity, incompatibility, addictions.   There is no need to have a handle on what the Sacrament is and means and what you are promising when you make the vow.  It can be done outside of the Sanctuary, on a plane or in a public restroom.  Anyone who advises you differently-- be it a parent or a priest--is sourpuss who doesn't know Church teaching is the enemy of love.

And let us face it: the validity of an actual marriage under these circumstances would not survive canonical scrutiny.


Here is some information about the validity of conferring the Sacrament of Marriage outside of the Sanctuary.

In essence, it all comes down to permission, which is never granted. There are a few historical exceptions of deep-pocketed celebrities being granted permission.

This is also pertinent information on convalidation and radical sanation.

A spokesperson for the Holy See defended the validity.

Ed Peters doesn't seem convinced:

Burke also seemed concerned to defend the sacramental validity of the marriage, but misstated Catholic doctrine and law in order to do so.
“Doctrinally it’s ok because to be married the ministers are the people themselves, you just need a witness. There are a couple of other things, normally there are publications, and there are things that have to be passed over. But it’s perfectly legit and everyone’s happy,” said Burke.

Pope Francis performed on Thursday the first-ever papal marriage ceremony aboard the plane bound for Iquique, the final day of his Apostolic Visit to Chile!
Greg Burke, Director of the Holy See Press Office, said the marriage was "totally legit" and "doctrinally OK".
— Vatican News (@VaticanNews) January 18, 2018

American Canon Lawyer Ed Peters raised concern that the marriage was contrary to canonical form and may not be valid.

"Based on the reports...I cannot tell whether the ‘wedding’ that the pope put together for an unsuspecting couple satisfies Church requirements on marriage, and several other laws impacting the liceity of marriage seem simply to have been disregarded in the event," he wrote.

"As happened several times under earlier administrations, a representative from the Vatican Press Office assures us that 'everything was valid.' Such assertions by canonically unqualified and unauthorized PR staff carry, of course, no weight. Real questions worthy of real answers are still raised by this event," he added.

Peters said that "canonical form is still law for Catholics and that law goes to the validity of Catholic marriage."
The Code of Canon Law requires for marriages to be sacramentally valid that the vows of the couple must be received the local bishop or pastor or a clergyman or even layman to whom the local bishop has delegated the authority (can. 1108 §1) and must take place within a Catholic church unless a dispensation from the law is given by the requisite authority (can. 1118). The pope has the authority to dispense from these obligations.

Simulation of valid Sacrament does not seem out of the question. Will post more as experts weigh in.

More from Ed Peters.

The Pope is on his way to Peru. Could we see impromptu ordinations on a two-humped camel?

Summer Blog Additions

by (Stephen Eli Harris) @ Newfoundland Labrador Blog Roll

Those who have been enjoying the Blog of the Week selections over the past couple of months may have noticed that none were selected this past Sunday. The reason being is that I decided to focus attentions this week to new blog additions. With so many email requests having built up, this is in fact long overdue. In a blog community as large as this one currently is, it's hard to imagine there are more blogs out there that haven't been listed yet... but there are. The 42 new additions in this update prove that, and this after a year of already heavy adding. I'm quite impressed.

As always, the blogs have been listed in all the applicable rolls on this main hub (the New Additions roll and their applicable mini roll) and also listed on the main roll of their applicable individual category page.

So I now leave it to you, the visitor, to continue doing just that; go visiting further. The newbies are listed below!

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No Awards, Yes Newbies

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More on this in the NL Blogger's Choice Awards section, but just to let the community know (and visitors) I have decided to cancel the 2012 Blogger's Choice Awards as I personally do not have the time to dedicate to the session right now. Without the nominations flowing in as I hoped they would, the job of getting everything ready is considerably more difficult. I've decided to focus on what I can take care of around these parts over the year, and then get back to this whole award thing at the end of 2013.

PLEASE NOTE that nominations will remain open all year, however. You can leave you choices in any of the applicable threads or email them to nlblogroll @


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Menchie's Frozen Yogurt - Mount Pearl, NL

Menchie's Frozen Yogurt - Mount Pearl, NL


Menchies Frozen Yogurt is yogurt your way. You pick the flavors, you pick the toppings-it's as simple as mix, weigh and pay!

Updates and New Additions

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Before listing all the new additions that were added to the site this evening, I wanted to remind any readers that the 2012 NL Blogger's Choice Awards will be coming soon. Having said that, it is likely that things will be postponed slightly, mostly due to the lack of nominations that have come in thus far. No, I'm not going to blame it on totally on the community, as the lack of available time to promote the nomination phase hasn't been good for getting things rolling. The past month has flown by for me and I don't really see things slowing down in the coming days or weeks. With that said though, Nominations will remain open for as long as needed. Please head on over to the Blogger's Choice Awards Section for more information and to nominate your favourite NL Blogs today.

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Reviving Blogger's Choice Winners

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It's been several months since the winners from the 2011 Blogger's Choice awards were announced and considering the year is almost over, I figured it was a good time to remind everyone who those winners were. In the coming weeks we'll be discussing and initiating this years awards, but I wanted to send out this little reminder of the current winners before we get intto that. Go on now, have a gawk!

Art / Craft / Food
WINNER: Norton's Cove Studio
This blog is a behind the scenes look at the art of printmaking from Janet Davis and friends.

Educational / Books
WINNER: Compulsive Overreader
From Trudy Morgan-Cole who loves to read and equally loves to discuss it on this blog.

Entertainment / Media
Greg posts things on his blog that his friends (and everyone likely) will enjoy.

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WINNER: Gas and Oil
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Taste of Home 200708-09 - PDF Free Download

Taste of Home 200708-09 - PDF Free Download

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Top Taliban Terrorist Killed by CIA Missile

by @ tioeljfd

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Ronnie Gets the Boot

by @ tioeljfd

Ronnie is the latest to be evicted from the Big Brother house. 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Spring 2013 Additions

by (Stephen Eli Harris) @ Newfoundland Labrador Blog Roll

Spring has arrived in Newfoundland and Labrador, and how wonderful it is to have the winter done with - though I probably shouldn't jinx it by saying that too loudly. With a new season here, I figured it was time to do some cleaning around these parts while I had a couple hours to do so. I spent time rearranging where some of the blogs were listed in the rolls on this page today, but that isn't the main reason for this post. The most important thing I did today was add 17 news blogs to the network, and that makes me smile. I'm always a happy camper when I get to add new blogs. I have to say that it never ceases to amaze me to find out that there are more out there. I keep on thinking I will come to the end of the NL blogs, but it never happens... and it hope it never does. But, that's enough babbling out of me for now. I thin it's time for ya'll go check out the newbies, and be sure to say hello!

My Food Infatuation

Art Association of NL

The Bay Vegetarian

Bookshelf Buzz


Y's Perspective

From Islands To Mountains

A Fabulous State

Healing with Essential Oils

Saltwater Rhino

The Rising

Postcards from a Life Well Travelled

Being Everlee's Mom

4 O'clock Whistle

R. W. Watkins Vs The CBC


Bontours Blog

Who am I to judge your leprosy?


Sometimes the foolishness of this papacy and its antithesis to Christ jumps out at me during the readings.

If the man is leprous and unclean,
the priest shall declare him unclean
by reason of the sore on his head.

I do not will it.

Don't listen to the rigid sourpussed gossipers - Those are not sores, they are exploding virtues.

March right up and receive the Blessed Sacrament. I shall accompany you to your self-destruction.

I could go on and on with the ridiculousness of Pope Francis 'theology'.

What could be worse than the sins of omission of physicians who hold the power to make clean but do not will it?

After the leper in today's Scripture is healed, doesn't the horses patoot put an obstacle in the way of Christ:

Then, warning him sternly, he dismissed him at once...
He said to him, "See that you tell no one anything,
but go, show yourself to the priest
and offer for your cleansing what Moses prescribed;
that will be proof for them."

The man went away and began to publicize the whole matter.
He spread the report abroad
so that it was impossible for Jesus to enter a town openly.
He remained outside in deserted places,
and people kept coming to him from everywhere.

The hardest thing in the world is to accept Christ's instructions when you think doing something else will be more productive.

I'm sure the fooline thought broadcasting his healing was a better idea. Twenty seconds after witnessing and benefitting from the Power of Divinity, the leper felt his own idea was superior to Christ's.

The Church is filled to the rafters with them. Rome has become the haunt of demons.

O Lord, your servants humbly implore you to free them from their sins and from their enemies, so that they may lead holy lives, shielded from all adversity. Through Our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and rules with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever.

Boy, am I ever ready for Lent.

Over the last few days, I've been thinking about how to draw more Sanctifying Grace, how to give more and better to Christ during Lent. Prayer, fasting, acts of charity, Rosary, etc. How to move myself out of the way, use my gifts and the blog to serve Christ and His people more effectively.

When it comes to doing anything, my practice is to go big or don't go at all. But, I had been thinking of spending this Lent putting more effort into doing small things with love. Focusing in tiny things.

So there I was today, standing in a YUGE line in the grocery store thinking about Lent. Doing my best to tune out the conversation of the older couple behind me, but their discourse kept distracting my thoughts.

He asked her if she minded making the drive to a nearby town to do another errand while they were out. He was expressing his apology for the imposition. I took note of her gentleness and kindness when answering him, but tried again to return to my stream of thoughts.
He then asked her if she had enough soda for the week, or if she wanted a magazine. She declined and sweetly told him his shirt-tail was hanging out. He laughed at himself and told her that he forgot to put on his belt. The effort going into the littlest of things was extraordinary.

I finally stopped my own train of thought. They had my attention. Curiosity was killing me to get a look at them again so I turned and conversed with them. The husband told me they had been married for 26 years and were 'still going very strong'. So adorable.

As a single woman/mother/grandmother, I tend to think of myself as a person whose feet hit the floor running 14 hour days doing the best I can to sacrifice with love and practice charity. But, even falling into bed exhausted, I rarely feel like my best was good enough. This couple practiced kindness with excellence. Exploring new ways to practice small acts of kindness may be my focus during Lent and I just might drag you all into the rabbit hole with me.

I hate to keep using the Romans as the example not to follow, but they don't make it easy to ignore their malpractice of every virtue! Kindness is not the absence of truth. If one's shirttail is hanging out or one has leprosy, deceiving them is not an act of kindness. Honesty and kindness are indivisible.

From the Book The Power of Kindness:

"Dante's Inferno describes the lowest most terrible point in hell as a silent, icy place. The traitors, stained with the most evil of sins, have their heads immersed in an eternally frozen swamp. These damned souls are incapable of emotions and think nothing of betraying family, country, friends. Hell is the total absence of all feeling. It is the negation of warmth, a dark, frightening place where you are alone and without love.

Afterward, Dante climbs the Mount of Purgatory--a long and arduous ascent that represents the work of purification and strengthening necessary for finding ourselves. At the apex of Purgatory, after not seeing her for a very long time, Dante finds his old love, Beatrice, here representing Truth. Beatrice is cold to him: she does not run to embrace him. She wants him to feel the full weight of his forgetfulness. She reproaches him: Why did you neglect me? It is at once the tantrum of a furious woman and the imperious cry of Truth to those who for too long have trodden the wrong path. Dante is frozen, like the snow on the Apennine mountains. But under the rays of the spring sun, this snow thaws. Dante thaws too, and weeps. Once again, he feels the warmth of emotion. Afterward, he is 'pure and ready to climb the stars."

For Dante, warmth is the potential for all emotions, and therefore makes life itself possible. Warmth for him is also the prerequisite for transformation. As usual, a poet understood what scientists and researchers discovered centuries later: We cannot live without the warmth and closeness of others..."

Feelings are not an irritating variable but a great richness that allows us to know things we never even imagined. The heart has its reasons that reason knows not. Knowledge of the heart gives us the chance to know others, not as statistical data or lifeless puppets but as vibrant beings, full of hopes and dreams. Knowledge of the heart is instinctive, direct, wordless. You, friend, know your friend needs you. You, partner, are aware that your partner is in difficulty, or that she is okay. You, parent, know how your child is feeling without having to ask.

Here's some solid Lenten direction from Fr. Landry: Formulating a plan for Lent and Beyond.

Blessed Feast of the Apparition of Our Lady of Lourdes and prayers for each of your for a holy season of Lent.

The flowers have appeared in our land, the time of pruning has come, the voice of the turtledove is hear in our land. Arise, my love, my beautiful one, and come: my dove in the clefts of the rock, in the hollow places of the wall. Alleluia, alleluia! Show your face to me; let your voice sound in my ears, for your voice is sweet and your face is beautiful. Alleluia!

Cardinal Zen Confirms the Vatican Backing Schismatic Counterfeit "Church"


I can't get this off of my mind. I think it's the worst scandal in the history of the Church. Much worse than ordaining and protecting pedophiles.

"So, do I think that the Vatican is selling out the Catholic Church in China? Yes, definitely, if they go in the direction which is obvious from all what they are doing in recent years and months," the 86-year-old retired Bishop of Hong Kong wrote in a Jan. 29 letter addressed to “Friends in the Media,” in which he confirmed a report that the Vatican had asked legitimate Chinese bishops to step down in favor of communist-picked bishops.

Cardinal Zen outlined how the Vatican's capitulation to China’s communist regime is only making the regime clamp down harder on faithful Catholics.​

"The Communist Government is making new harsher regulations limiting religious freedom. They are now strictly enforcing regulations which up to now were practically only on paper (from the 1st of February 2018 attendance to Mass in the underground will no longer be tolerated)," he wrote.

Cardinal Zen explains he met face to face with Pope Francis:

Cardinal Zen landed in Rome on the morning of January 10, and went straight to the Pope’s Wednesday Public Audience held in Paul VI Hall, hoping to have an opportunity to place his letter in the Pope’s hands. When he had the chance to greet the Pope, he explained that this was his sole reason for his spur-of-the-moment travel to Rome.

Two days later, Cardinal Zen was invited to Santa Marta where he met privately with Pope Francis. “I was there in the presence of the Holy Father representing my suffering brothers in China,” recounts Zen in his letter. Pope Francis promised to look into the matter.

Zen related that after he outlined his concerns the Pope told him the following words: “Yes, I told them (his collaborators in the Holy See negotiating with China) not to create another Mindszenty case.”

Commented the Cardinal in his letter:

I think it was most meaningful and appropriate for the Holy Father to make this historical reference to Card. Josef Mindszenty, one of the heroes of our faith. (Card. Josef Mindszenty was the Archbishop of Budapest, Cardinal Primate of Hungary under Communist persecution. He suffered much in several years in prison. During the short-lived revolution of 1956, he was freed from prison by the insurgents and, before the Red Army crashed the revolution, took refuge in the American Embassy. Under the pressure of the Government he was ordered by the Holy See to leave his country and immediately a successor was named to the likings of the Communist Government).​

Cardinal Zen had previously denounced a Vatican agreement with the Chinese atheistic Communist government and had indirectly accused Pope Francis of backing a “fake” church in China.

“But the whole thing is fake. They [the Vatican] are giving decisive power to the government … how can the initiative of choosing bishops be given to an atheistic government? Incredible. Incredible,” he said at that time.

Incredible all right. Incredibly demonic.

Pope Francis said 'he's going to look into it'. When pigs fly.

Pope Francis Counterfeit church in China Bans Children


A new development in Pope Francis Counterfeit Church in China: Chinese priests ordered to put up signs banning children.

Since China’s new regulations for religious affairs took effect on February 1, minors have been banned from entering places of worship in several regions.

A priest in Hebei province who asked to remain anonymous told that authorities had asked clergymen in some parts of the province to post signs prohibiting minors from entering religious venues, prayer houses and other church premises.

“They also threaten churches that they cannot be used if they refuse to post the signs,” he said.

A blogger wrote that “religious venues are the third premises, following clubs and internet bars, where minors are prohibited from entering by authorities.”

I keep refreshing my browser but there is NO response from the Holy Father whose actions have empowered the counterfeit church and oppressed and silenced the authentic Church which survives underground.

This is the next logical step to extinguish the faith and Sacraments in the next generation of Chinese children. The agenda can be more out in the open in China because our people there are oppressed and Pope Francis has publicly handed Christ over for execution.

Thank God Pope Francis crusade for communism did not get traction in America. I pray we are spared that crucible. That's when we will really find out who really has the courage to follow Christ.

In the free world, extinguishing the faith and Sacraments has to take a more deceptive and devious course. I'm still in awe that the Romans were not successful in selling communism and communists to America. We still have the freedom of media sources to expose corruption without threat of death.

The trajectory of killing the faith and Sacraments for the next generation in the free world requires snuffing out Sanctifying Grace. As the Romans have demonstrated, this is taking two tracks:

1. Lying about what Church Teaching is and is not.

2. Luring the uncatechized into a deep intractable state of diabolical disorientation by compounding their situation with sacrilegious reception of the Blessed Sacrament.

This is a slower and less ineffective path, but heretical priests have been grooming our people for generations and far too many are ripe. The damages are hardly inconsequential.

The Roman crusade for communism and the counterfeit church is making China its model. Last week, the Romans praised communism in China for best implementation of the Catholic Church's 'social doctrine'...Sorondo praised China as “extraordinary.”

According to the head of the Vatican’s Pontifical Academies for Sciences and Social Sciences, China’s current communist regime which is infamous for its massive scale of human rights violations is the “best [at] implementing the social doctrine of the Church.”

Pope Francis' real spiritual and physical threat to the authentic Catholic Church in China is the persecution and executions that will take place for refusing to follow the Holy Father's counterfeit Church.

Boy, is it ever painful to talk about the Holy Father and his pontificate this way. For practicing Catholics, a lot of things play into the conflict between honesty and temperance and respect. I don't say these things in a reactionary way because I'm angry. In fact, it's the complete opposite: There is great resistance to being honest about the Holy Father and his pontificate. I don't want to speak openly and honestly about what is happening as a result of the Holy Father's leadership. It's one of those things I'm forced to do because not doing so is a disservice to Christ and His Church and His people.

I've said this before and it's worth repeating: I do not make any judgment on the motives of the Holy Father. In fact, I presume his flaws and limitations and concupiscence are being used as tools. Judgment about motives to outcomes belong to Christ. What can't be denied is that he sees outcomes and he keeps going with the agenda.

As a writer, I've written things that a lack of clarity left them to be taken out of context. When someone brought a conclusion to my attention which I didn't intend to convey, I immediately correct the post and work harder to ensure what I write is painfully detailed to draw people to conclusions consistent with Church teaching.

It takes discipline to withhold the reactions going through my head. Sometimes, I have to cool off before I write about something. It takes prayer and the Sacraments to move myself out of the way. I have accepted a teeny-tiny role articulating Church teaching on a blog. People can google subject matter and find what I've written years from when I wrote it. I'm careful about what I say and don't say.

Yet, with his awesome responsibility, there is no evidence of Pope Francis applying this discipline. He refuses repeated requests to correct his own lack of clarity, errors and misguidance. I'm at a loss to find its resemblance to Christ.

Most responsible Catholics have been forced, against their will, to face the truth about the Pope Francis pontificate and are writing about it in service to Christ and His people. His counterfeit church in China has risen so boldly and high in Christendom that not writing about it is a dereliction of duty to Christ.

Fall 2013 Additions

by (Stephen Eli Harris) @ Newfoundland Labrador Blog Roll

2013 has been a bit of a dud year in NL BlogRoll land. There weren't any awards handed out and there were no Blog of the Week additions - both of which we hope to resuscitate in 2014. What we have been able to do this year however, is keep on top of new additions to our beloved community. The list of blogs is the most important part afterall. So, stay tuned for more updates on 2014, and in the mean time check out the fall additions below. Be sure to say hello!

Sile's Knittin' and Kittens

Peace of the Rock- the Art of Robina Anstey

Newfoundland Beer History


NL Geek

Caddyshack Gander

Ocean Delight Cottages

The homing beacon

Trust me, I'm a doctor.

Robert Leamon


Trekking to Town

Olivia Canela

Romans Claim honor awarded to Lilianne Ploumen doesn't mean they support her crusades for abortion and birth control.


They can lie straight-faced.

The Vatican has said a papal honor given to a militant pro-abortion Dutch politician was standard “diplomatic practice” when someone is part of an official delegation with their head of state, and in no way was meant as a sign of support for her politics of abortion or birth control.

Remember the honor they gave to Trump?

Remember when the Holy Family honored Herod?

Oh wait...

Here's a description of the 'honor' bestowed upon Ploumen:

“the Pontifical Order of St Gregory the Great is conferred as a reward for services to the Holy See and the Church on gentlemen/ladies of proved loyalty who must maintain unswerving fidelity to God, the Supreme Pontiff, the Holy See and the Church.”

They must think we are stupid. If Ploumen advocated killing Catholic clergy, the Romans would acknowledge that what she does makes her ineligible for an award from the Holy See.

But Ploumen kills only children and robs women of salvation - victims they don't really care about. That's why they feel uninhibited to publicly display their homicidal bonding with proaborts. Ad nauseum.

That is the bottom line.

When it comes to politicians who advocate killing a certain group of people, robbing them of salvation, women and children are so meaningless to them, they are comfortable using the advocacy of the Holy See to make murdering politicians successful. That's why they are so attracted to communists like Che.

Killing poor or at-risk people decreases the surface population, helps the climate, therefore good comes from killing, it stops being a sin and unrepentant killers can go to Communion.

The Pope Francis/Roman crusades to overcome the 2000 years of the alienation of Herod and Herodias political is self-incriminating.

Cardinal Marx Suggests the Church Develop Blessing Rituals for Breaking Sixth Commandment


It gives us all a special feeling to come to terms with the reality that Pope Francis thinks the "theology" of Cardinal Marx is the path to salvation.

The president of the German Bishops’ Conference has declared that, in his view, Catholic priests can conduct blessing ceremonies for homosexual couples.

Cardinal Reinhard Marx told the Bavarian State Broadcasting’s radio service that “there can be no rules” about this question. Rather, the decision of whether a homosexual union should receive the Church’s blessing should be up to “a priest or pastoral worker” and made in each individual case, the German prelate stated.

Why single out one? Why not develop a whole set of rituals to "bless" breaking the Sixth Commandment?

Shouldn't the Church have a ritual to 'bless' extramarital affairs?

What about a 'blessing' for masturbation?

It's hard to believe the Church would enable such a spiritual predator, but this is our reality. And of course he credits his enabler:

Describing this as a “fundamental orientation” emphasized by Pope Francis, Marx called for the Church to take “the situation of the individual, ... their life-story, their biography, ... their relationships” more seriously and accompany them, as individuals accordingly

What would stop a person who would enable the destruction of tens of thousands of immortal souls from enabling a pedophile? As destructive and horrifying as enabling a pedophile, from the mystical perspective, the latter is much less of a crime against human persons. As Christ warned us, people who do things to our bodies are not to be feared - a destroyer of immortal souls is far more dangerous.

It is surreal the counterfeit church has risen to the Chair of Peter.

I wish somebody would put a private detective on Marx and get to the root of his poisonous fruit. I really do.

O Lord, watch over your household with constant loving care. Let your protection forever shield those who place their trust solely upon the hope of your heavenly grace. Through our Lord.

Common Core is Dead. Everywhere but the Archdiocese of Boston.


Even the pagan government recognized the stupidity of Common Core and abandoned it.

The only place in the uncatechized world that stupid can get perpetual traction is the Archdiocese of Boston.

They fill the Chancery with lay people and leaders who are alienated from Sanctifying Grace (for one reason or another), so when a stupid idea comes along, they can't see the stupidity.

The secular world has a saying - 'you can't fix stupid' - but Catholics who found their way to the Sacraments know better. We are survivors of our own stupidity. At one time or another, we've been to stupid and loved it. Every once in a while our own flaws, vices and temptations takes us on a nostalgic trip back to stupid. Only by Sanctifying Grace does our conscience remind us of what is backfiring around us and we run back to the Sacraments unchain our intellect from the effects of sin.

Sometimes we don't know how we got back to stupid. An examination of conscience comes up empty. We dig into the deep to find venial sins that may be contributing to stupid and we get them absolved. If that doesn't get us out of stupid, we recognize the principalities and powers may be at play and we bring in other prayers and sacramentals to overpower those forces.

One of my rudest awakenings was the realization that Chanceries are staffed with people who think Catholics with the sharpest skills of recognizing stupid are calling them about it because we think we are superior to them. They are completely unaware our mission is about fixing stupid. They either don't have access to the Sacraments, have abandoned them or they can't get over their inferiority complexes enough to realize that people who recognize stupid faster than they do, are the people who frequent stupid the most use the Sacraments to get out. Much more than they do. We thought we were on the same team but we most certainly are not.

We cripple ourselves when we are not aware of the spiritual world around us. But there's a problem when the government has to issue a cease and decease order on our own stupidity. And it isn't a little problem.

In the Life of the Mystical Body of Christ, What happened in China is Judas Handing Over Christ's Body to the Romans


What happened in China is huge, and something we're going to be talking about for a long time.

Here's another description from Robert Royal.

Cardinal Zen has been energetic in warning about the unreliability of agreements with the Communists. (Rumors of an imminent agreement between China and the Vatican have been floating around for a couple of years now, without anything definite being revealed.) Asia News, a publication of the Vatican, itself reacted to last week’s news with a warning about substituting “illegitimate” bishops for “legitimate” ones. The ChiComs (as we used to call them during the Cold War) are smart and shrewd. They know how to manipulate Western values, in this case, “unifying” the churches, i.e., the religious inclination to think we can fix all problems with dialogue, building bridges, diplomatic arrangements.

Meanwhile, China continues to cut crosses off church buildings, close some, dynamite still others. The New York Times reported just two weeks ago that China had destroyed the Golden Lampstand church – with 60,000 worshippers the largest evangelical community in the country. The reason: the large, conspicuous edifice had been “secretly” constructed, had failed to get official building permits, etc. These are the usual fig leaves of tyrannical regimes all over the world when they attack religion. I’ve heard top Chinese leaders blame local authorities for “excesses and errors,” but these seem to recur with a suspect regularity that no one seems to take steps to stop.

Late last night, a friend texted me his concerns about what is transpiring in China. As I was writing my response, it suddenly occurred to me that in the life of Christ's Mystical Body, what I was describing was Judas handing over Christ to the Romans.

That's what's going down. And not just in China.

He's handing over Church Teaching to enmity and error, and every one of us to the Romans whose historical role is to dispose of Christ.

The fun is just beginning!

10 Year Anniversary

by (Stephen Eli Harris) @ Newfoundland Labrador Blog Roll

It was January of 2006 that this whole NL BlogRoll idea was launched. I had been blogging on my own personal site for several months by that time, and was inspired by the number of other local bloggers out there. What started as just a personal collection of blog links, turned into this site, intended to not only promote all those bloggers, but also the corner of the planet in which I live, and love a lot: Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

There's been many ups and downs throughout the last decade, with some years having contests and 'Blog of the Week's', and other years being very quiet, especially in the later years. The site has gone through numerous renditions and expansions, adapting to new online technologies along the way, and sometimes being forced to. The original 'Blogroll' was an awesome service provided by a company/website simply called Blogrolling. This service allowed bloggers to add a simple script to their own sites which displayed the list of NL bloggers, sorted by last update (much like we have here now). When that service went offline, I was forced to either let everything crumble, or rebuild. Obviously I rebuilt - I couldn't just let it die - and thankfully Blogger added a widget which sorts blogs by last update - albeit, not one others could also display. Being a prime opportunity to expand, I also took this time to add all the categories to the site as well, an addition I think was worth it. A lot of work has gone into these pages over the years, but none of it was a chore to me. I love this resource, and I hope others get something from it too.

I'll always consider blogging to be the original social media, here before Facebook and Twitter became the normal way to share thoughts on the internet, and comment on other peoples thoughts. Many people still continue to blog to this day, evidenced by the hundreds of active links found below. The dormant ones often rise again too, as past bloggers decide to dust things off and write a post, much like this one today for me. It being a milestone of 10 years since this thing was created, how could I not write a post, right?

There are other motivations for writing this today though, as I added about 20 new blogs over the past few days, each in their own categories and applicable rolls. Some cleanup of dead links and dormant blogs took place too, but the main thing to note here is the newly added blogs, which I always enjoy doing. New bloggers are born every day, and I love it. Here's to another 10 years of collecting and sharing the many blogs local to Newfoundland and Labrador!

Chums and Chumps


A lot has happened in the last few days with the Holy Father's rat pack in Rome.

First of all, EVEN George Weigel was willing to write an article confirming the Holy Father's dirty deeds in China.

Listen, I'm as guilty as the next person of contributions to injuries to the Mystical Body of Christ, so I'm not standing on moral high ground when I say the Catholic cufflink armchair warriors cover spiritual crimes and misdemeanors to preserve their apostolates from the wrath and retaliation of the episcopal corrupt. Being chummy with Bishops and Romans at swanky events is of utmost importance to their careers.

For a very long time, decades really, the bishops and Romans were able to diminish the efficacy of exposing corruption by forging a chum and chump club in Catholic social circles.

If your apostolate plays deaf, dumb and blind to the corruption, you are in the chum club. If you write about it, you are a member of the chump club.

Catholic Blogs delivered a lethal blow to the episcopal chum and chump club. The chumps became the champs.

I've been to the swanky events. The chums will privately admit what's happening, but they pay their mortgage with their apostolate, so the public charade must go on.

I'm pleased to see George couldn't stand it and came to Jesus on the assault upon the Mystical Body of Christ in China. But duly note that a chum, even when they do write about the corruption, will never hold the guilty party accountable. It's always mysterious and powerful hobbits surrounding the innocent fool. They use terms like 'chancery' or 'Vatican' or 'Holy See'.

Of course this dynamic can take place. But when a Pope spends five years praising heresy and heretics, appointing and giving them power, whilst slandering, obstructing, removing and alienating faithful Catholics - the problem isn't the hobbits, it's the Pope. The problem is the Holy Father.

When a chum exposes corruption, the Romans and Bishops are forced to mount their defense by attacking the whistleblower. Alas, with the exposition of their execution of Christ in China, the Holy Father and the enablers mounted an attack against Cardinal Zen and the whistleblowers.

The Vatican did not directly mention Cardinal Zen but said criticism of its China policy was "fostering confusion and controversy".

In its response, the Vatican said the Pope was in "constant contact with his collaborators... on Chinese issues".
"It is therefore surprising and regrettable that the contrary is affirmed by people in the Church, thus fostering confusion and controversy,

The corrupt are still living in the glory days when slandering whistleblowers was effective.

The reality is, when the chums are not willing to give them the nudge and the wink, there they stand exposing their own deceitfulness and calumny, telling the world the pope has blood on his hands.

We all know the pope is in constant contact with collaborators and is collaborating with them to force outcomes.

What isn't said is, the persecuted Church has been in constant contact with each other for decades. The internet provided us with means and tools. We know each other well. Communications and more importantly EVIDENCE has built trust. We know who all the players are in every corner of the earth. The corrupt do not realize what transpired through the internet in the last 20 years and so they play their cards in ignorance. Catholic parents worried about what was happening at their local parishes are more skilled than the FBI.

Please. Do don't tell us who the pope is collaborating with - we know all too well.

The Pope is well aware of the effects of his spiritual truancy because he had to penalize, silence and remove bishops teaching the authentic faith for the counterfeit empire he foisted upon his people to succeed.

Thank God, we now have media sources that refuge whistleblowers and Cardinal Zen was able to respond.

Cardinal Joseph Zen has criticized the Vatican’s Secretary of State over comments about the Holy See’s relations with China. Zen, the bishop emeritus of Hong Kong, says Cardinal Pietro Parolin is a “man of little faith” and that he wonders if Parolin knows what “true suffering is.”

In a statement released on Monday, Cardinal Zen addressed the controversy over the Vatican legitimizing excommunicated bishops loyal to Beijing and the forcing of legitimate bishops of the underground Church into retirement.

Zen said that while several close associates have advised him to pray more and to speak less, he wants to “keep talking,” especially because he senses that “before long” he will no longer be able to speak.

“How many nights of suffering will the priests and laity endure, at the thought that they will have to bow down to and obey those bishops who are now illegitimate and excommunicated, but tomorrow will be legitimized by the Holy See, and supported by the government,” he said.

And that is the haunting question that lies before us.

The Crisis We are Living


Fr. Murray wrote an outstanding reflection on damage being done by Pope Francis: The Crisis We are Living

The publication in the Acta Apostolicae Sedis of Pope Francis’ letter confirming the interpretation of Amoris Laetitia by the bishops of the Buenos Aires region marked a new phase in the serious crisis affecting the Church. We now know that the pastoral advice of this group of bishops embodies what Pope Francis intended in chapter 8 of AL.

Here’s the problem: When a group of bishops teaches that persons in invalid second marriages are free to judge that it is not “feasible” for them to avoid committing acts of adultery, they are telling the faithful that they are not at fault for doing what the Catholic Church teaches to be gravely sinful. “Feasibility” means “the state or degree of being easily or conveniently done,” and even more precisely “capable of being done, accomplished or carried out.” The avoidance of mortal sin does involve difficulty and inconvenience. But the Church does not teach that grown-up people in their right minds are incapable of obeying God’s commandments.

To say to someone that it may be infeasible for him to refrain from acts of adultery is to advise him that, in effect, he is not subject to God’s law in this matter. When pastors tell Catholics living in sin that they are not really guilty of mortal sin as long as they decide that they cannot “feasibly” observe God’s law, the shepherds have seriously failed them.

Fr. Murray has a way with words. Truth be told, what these pastors are doing is lying to Catholics. Hoodwinking them into believing they can commit mortal sin.

I honestly can't think of anything in the history of Christendom that was more diabolical.

As the Kazak bishops rightly say: “The Catholic faith by its nature excludes a formal contradiction between the faith professed on the one hand and the life and practice of the sacraments on the other.”

Yet that is where one arrives if one claims that for some people mortal sin is both inevitable and inculpable. The Gospel is compromised, the constant Magisterium of the Church is repudiated and those who object to this are stigmatized.

Herein lies the crisis we are living.

Refresher course: What to do when Twitter is down

by @ tioeljfd

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Cardinal O'Malley Rebukes Pope for Wanting Evidence Before Conviction

Cardinal O'Malley Rebukes Pope for Wanting Evidence Before Conviction


Many moons ago, Boston Catholics were relieved to hear Cardinal Sean O'Malley was appointed to the Boston see. Cardinal O'Malley had previously been assigned to the neighboring diocese of Fall River, whose reputation for faithfully catechizing its people was well known to us. We assumed teaching the practice of living every day in a state of Sanctifying Grace was done under the leadership of Cardinal O'Malley.

But, a few short years after Cardinal O'Malley's appointment to Boston, the catechesis was handed over to the dogs, the administration was filled with high-ranking Soros puppets from the DNC who surrendered Catholics schools and hospitals to apostates, forbade Catholic moral teaching and treated faithful Catholics shabbily.   

The Boston's Lavender Mafia finally received the traction and power Cardinal Law had been preventing. Cardinal O'Malley exhibited great hostility and contempt towards families who expected his administration to properly catechize the people we love.

He instituted a policy that priests would be removed upon ANY allegation of sexual misconduct, no matter how ludicrous.   Even if the accuser had no evidence and the accused had evidence exonerating himself.     The treatment of accused was vicious, malicious and violated civil, constitutional and canonical laws. The pastoral cruelty to accused was (and remains) exasperating.

(You may also recall that during the conclave to elect the Pope, the DNC's Soros puppets controlling Cardinal O'Malley arrived in Rome and began a public media campaign to pitch Cardinal O'Malley for Pope. It was a definite DNC politically-operated campaign in the media. The Holy See had to tell them to knock it off.)

I remember picking up the phone to call a few priests and lay leaders in Fall River to express my bewilderment at this 180 degree turnaround and asking them if Cardinal O'Malley had governed and shepherded Fall River to orthodoxy. I was consistently told that the orthodoxy had nothing to do with Cardinal O'Malley. It had preceded him. He was described as a weak bishop who would go along with the wind and it just so happened that the wind in Fall River was orthodoxy.

Given the kangaroo court Cardinal O'Malley put into practice and his treatment of accused priests, Boston Catholics were not happy to see his appointment to the Vatican's 'sexual abuse advisory board'. We had concerns Boston's kangaroo court would be instituted at the highest levels of Christ's Mystical Body. I haven't followed the internal politics of the 'sexual abuse advisory board', but a few years back when alleged victims placed on the board complained the Holy See would not implement their recommendations, I wondered if Boston's kangaroo court was getting resistance from just people in the Holy See.

When the malevolent and retaliatory allegations against Cardinal Pell manifested themselves, and Marie Collins, who quit "sexual abuse advisory board', responded by saying Cardinal Pell should have been removed years ago, my suspicions there was resistance to instituting Boston's Kangaroo Court in Rome were substantiated. Cardinal Pell had been exposing the financial corruption of malicious characters inside of the Holy See. Most educated and informed Catholics strongly suspect the allegations against Cardinal Pell were drummed up by the Lavender Mafia in Rome to obstruct justice and their removal. It fits the modus operandi of corrupt.  Frankly, he was lucky he wasn't dangling by his neck on a bridge. The people he was trying to expose are dangerous dudes.

Initial media reports on Cardinal O'Malley's influence in Rome suggested he served as one of Pope Francis top advisors. As this article notes, he and Pope Francis were in constant contact. Strangely, every time a faithful Catholic Bishop was accused of mismanaging sexual abuse complaints, Cardinal O'Malley fled into the public square to throw calumnies and slander about against the faithful Bishop.

This article also illustrates the associated but peculiar phenomenon of simultaneously defending spiritual abusers.

O’Malley was more direct in his comments on the investigation of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, calling it “a disaster.”

Investigating 50 years of allegations of spiritual misconduct made by victims of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious came to a screeching halt. The coven of unfaithful apostate nuns were immediately enabled to continue the spiritual abuse of the multitude.

But, something strange is doing down.

Over the course of the past few days, I smell badly burned toast around Cardinal O'Malley's influence in Rome and the relationship with the Holy Father.

Pope Francis apparently told Chilean Catholics that not a shred of evidence has been presented to incriminate Bishop Barros of knowing a priest in his diocese was sexually abusing children and refusing to do something about it. He said if there was evidence, he would act upon it. But after diligent review, these allegations appear to be calumny and slander.

As I was yelling "Good for him!!!", what to my wondering eyes should appear?

Cardinal O'Malley "rebuking" Pope Francis!

"It is understandable that Pope Francis' statements ... were a source of great pain for survivors of sexual abuse by clergy or any other perpetrator," O'Malley said in the statement. "Words that convey the message 'if you cannot prove your claims then you will not be believed' abandon those who have suffered reprehensible criminal violations of their human dignity and relegate survivors to discredited exile."

Cardinal O'Malley thinks finding out if the accused is innocent or guilty and taking actions accordingly, can't be part of due process. The accused needs to be abandoned to suffer reprehensible violations of human dignity and relegated to discredited exile. This is his idea of justice.

This is definitely not a misunderstanding. This is how he operates.

As many Boston priests can attest, Cardinal O'Malley does not believe evidence of guilt or innocence should be part of the forum of justice inside of the Church. When a priest has evidence that exonerates him, the allegations are impossible - this is construed as a 'source of great pain' to the accuser making the false allegations. The priest must be robbed of his vocation, even when allegations can be proven to be false or there is absolutely no evidence to the incident took place.

Even one case of a substantiated and proven priest sexual abuser is too much. The Church ordained sexual abusers and mismanaged these situations, causing great pain and scandal. It was an abuse of power.

But the number of false and unsubstantiated allegations is overwhelming. It's over the top. And the treatment of these priests, their due process, is simply another manifestation of internal abuse of power.

It's possible I'm mistaken about the fractured relationship and power. All I can tell you is, when Cardinal O'Malley is challenged, he runs into the public square to throw you under the bus. When CJ and I, Boston Catholic Insider, Judie Brown and numerous other Catholics had to explain why he can't enter into a contract to outsource abortions or give the uncatechized the impression that a career of rabid advocacy of abortion does not obstruct one's salvation, Cardinal O'Malley took to the press to accuse us of "doing irreparable damage to the communion of the Church" and "doing a great disservice to the Church".

Rather than just admitting signing a contract to hire somebody to kill somebody else is "doing a great disservice to the Church", rather than going into the public square and saying politicians who use their power to advocate and advance killing certain groups of people "does "irreparable damage to the communion of the Church", he uses the media to accuse people exposing it.

Wasn't that the exact problem that led to protecting corruption?

Allegations must be substantiated and proven. Their credibility may not have to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, but information gathering has to come to a conclusion that there is a likelihood that something screwy was going on. According to Pope Francis, upon review of facts, there is no evidence incriminating Bishop Barros of enabling the abuser. To what end would a Catholic Cardinal run to the press to announce that the Church's disposition of accused persons must not be predicated upon examining credible evidence?

I don't mean to be unkind, but does he realize how absurd this is?

It's a violation of canonical law, civil law, constitutional law and most importantly, you are asking the Church to bear false witness against the accused by omission and commission.

If finding out whether the accused is innocent or guilty hurts accuser's feelings, that has to be dealt with pastorally. We don't obstruct truth and justice and mistreat another human being.

Truly bad behavior.

Jesus help us. We're a mess. A stinking hot mess.

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