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5 Ways to Make Resolutions That Actually Stick

by Dr. Katherine Kremblewski ND @ Genuine Health

“I’ll start tomorrow.” Sound familiar? Whether you’re talking about a new year’s resolution, a new workout routine, a new diet […]

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Organic Purslane and Quinoa Greens in Sonoma’s West County

by Tyler Suchman @

In the west county of Sonoma, ninety minutes north of the culinary mecca of San Francisco, springtime brings an abundance of the local, the sustainable and the organic. Berries, dark greens, fava beans, cheeses, breads, jams and so much more line the rows of the farmers markets dotting the towns of Occidental, Sebastopol, Guerneville and […]

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My Joyous Self-Care Routine

by Joy McCarthy @ Genuine Health

My self-care routine has definitely evolved over the years. When I was in my 20’s it was all about fitness […]

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Why I Eat Vegan and Organic

by Katrina Nerisse @ Organic Week

Knowing where your food comes from is a very important thing to consumers these days. Considering all the hype over Monsanto and non-labelled GMO’s, people are realizing that this is a big problem. People do not want mystery food, or unknown ingredients – they want natural, organic produce that they can trust and rely on. […]

Detox 101- The ABC’s of Detox & Healing

by Elaine @ The Herbal Mama

The ABC’s of Detox & Healing A: Alkalize the Body & Adrenal Support B: Bowels & Gut Microbiome C: Cleanse the Liver Key factors of the ABC’s (For the most gentle detox results for sensitive individuals, approach the ABC’s in order, one-at-a-time & take YOUR time) 1. To effectively alkalize your blood you need MINERALS; eat a rainbow of colour on ...

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Probiotic Products and services for Allergy relief, and hygiene care

Probiotic Products and services for Allergy relief, and hygiene care

Smart Air Solutions®

At Smart Air Solutions, our ultimate commitment in serving our clients is enhancing their lives by delivering a high quality hygiene service to help ease your allergies and create the cleanest indoor environment possible for you and your family.  Probiotics, are the good bacteria that live in your g


by admin @ Momentum Health and Wellness

For some families, trying to calm your children down at bedtime may be a challenge. From running around the house, refusing to put on their pj’s to all of a sudden they are starving for a snack. You probably are losing your patience by now, and about to tell and scream at them to settle […]

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Postpartum Depression … You Are Not Alone

by admin @ Momentum Health and Wellness

Becoming a new parent is mentally and physically exhausting for both parents.  Sleep deprivation, hormone imbalances and the pressure of being a parent is overwhelming and causes parents to have mood swings.  One moment you might be so happy, the next sadness and than possibly anger and resentment.  These feelings are sometimes called “baby blues” […]

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Fresh Breath Spray

by kolya @ Kolya Naturals

This Fresh Breath Spray is easy to make, and one of our favorites for long-lasting fresh breath, especially around Valentine’s Day.   Make it at our February Blending Bar for $6.50 from February 1-28. Get Directions!  Fresh Breath Spray Servings1 60 mL glass spray bottle Ingredients 1/2tsp vegetable glycerin 2tsp Nature's Way Chlorophyll Mint 8drops Medicine Flower Organic Mint Oil 8drops Medicine Flower Organic Cinnamon Oil […]

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Organic Week and You: Retailer Opportunities

by Organic Week @ Semaine Bio

Retailer Opportunities Are you a retailer focused on providing organic and sustainable products to your customers? Then you should get involved in Organic Week 2012! Canada’s National Organic Week is the largest annual celebration of the benefits and achievements of organic food, farming and products across the country agriculture and its positive impact on the […]

Organic Food For the Family

by Derek Ratcliffe @ Organic Week

Organic Food For My Family I take care of all the grocery shopping and food preparation in my house. I buy a lot of organic fruits and vegetables for my family, and keep canned products and white sugar out of my kitchen. I do my utmost to keep growth hormones, GMOs, preservatives, emulsifiers, and other […]

Organic Produce and The Dirty Dozen

by Papa Organics @

The United States Department of Agriculture compiles information on the amount of pesticide residue found in non-organic fruits and vegetables after they had been washed.* Research for this article is courtesy Ojai Valley Green Coalition. “The Dirty Dozen” list shows the conventionally-grown fruits and vegetables that retain the most pesticides. Some of this produce tested […]

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Biogaia Probiotic Drops

Biogaia Probiotic Drops

5 mL

Alberta Honey Producers Co-operative Celebrates its 75th Anniversary! - Western Grocer

Alberta Honey Producers Co-operative Celebrates its 75th Anniversary! - Western Grocer

Western Grocer

Alberta Honey Producers Co-operative, with a history built on quality honey, celebrates 75 years of

Can You Stay Healthy In a Recession?

by Chelsea Hohnstein @ Blog - Simply Health

I've totally done it. I've thought about buying a Costco sized box of KD and living on that until this recession is over. And maybe you have too. For health conscious people, the question is:  can you afford to eat well and look after yourself when the economy sucks, and having "spending money" is a thing of the past?

I've written about this previously and it is all the more relevant now, so let me share with you some ideas:

1) Jot down your stores' Customer Appreciation Days, and sign up for their email if they have one. 

Simply Health CAP Day: First Wednesday of the Month; Sign up for their email at the bottom of the web page on

Grove Health CAP DAY: Third Wednesday of the Month; Sign up for their email at the bottom of the webpage on

2) Become your own kitchen manager

Don't waste food. Spend some time meal planning and creating grocery lists. 

Bust out some of your old kitchen appliances like your juicer or food processor, and when you know there are some fruits and veggies on their last leg you can make yourself a healthy juice, sauce or soup with minimal effort. Utilize your deep freeze and slow cooker, and spend more time eating at home. Do your own baking so you have no need to buy overpriced treats. And, empty your mind of the misconception that frozen veggies are less nutritious. Often times, they are flash frozen once they've been harvested and could arguably be MORE nutrient dense then some of our produce that has sat on the shelf for weeks. 

Another great idea that needs to be resurrected is meal sharing!

3) Try the simple stuff first

Do you have a sore throat or cough? Try some hot water with organic lemon and ginger. For 3-5$ you may have the best possible remedy before spending your money on supplements. 

Consider loose herbs or teas for temporary relief. It's in our nature to think that teas and similar mixtures are not effective but that is far from the truth. In my personal experience, I have found loose herbs and teas to sometimes be MORE effective-and, BONUS many of them can be used topically for relief as well!

Some great examples and reminders of some old-school treatments for short-term support are:

  • Peppermint (gas and bloating)
  • Ginger tea ( nausea and headaches)
  • Chamomile (insomnia and anxiety)
  • Fennel tea (gas)
  • Licorice (heartburn or cough=do not use if you have high blood pressure)
  • Fenugreek (for boosting milk supply=your urine will smell like maple syrup, that is totally normal so don't freak out)
  • Lemon Balm (anxiety, insomnia)
  • Echinacea or Goldenseal (for cold prevention)
  • Horsetail (hair, skin, nails)
  • Turmeric powder/Ginger powder (pain)
  • Chaga (skin, overall immune support)
  • Nettle (diuretic, overall tonic)
  • ...and so many more!
  • If this is something you're interested in, just chat with your health food associate and we'll give you some options. 

4) Check the clearance racks at your store

This is a secret I love sharing. Most of the product on the clearance shelves are not poor quality (I'm speaking for Simply Health and Grove Health); rather they are products that didn't get to spend enough time in the spotlight, or were poorly labelled or marketed for their uses. 

For example, I have seen Olive Leaf go on clearance and this blows my mind because it is one of my favourite herbs!

Additionally, most supplements are good at least 6 months past their expiry date, with the exception of food items and probiotics so don't throw everything away or be shy about buying something with a month left if you know you can use it. 

5) Some supplement tricks

a) If you're taking Omega-3's or probiotics just for prevention, take a half dose every day or a full dose every second day. If you have human strain probiotics they will attach to the intestinal wall and colonize so one capsule can be effective for a couple of days, and Omega-3's are fat soluble so they will store in the tissues. 

b) Look at what products you have at home. So many products have alternate uses that are not listed on the bottle. I'll use Olive Leaf as an example because I'm on a kick. It's great for lowering blood pressure, but it's also anti-viral. 

If you've got a cupboard of natural health products that you don't know what to do with, feel free to send me a picture and I will give you some alternate uses so you can get your money's worth out of the mini health food store in your pantry. Email: 

c) Tell the staff you're on a budget. We will do the best we can to hook you up with supplements that can kill as many birds as possible with one stone. 

d) Tell the staff all your symptoms, and don't be alarmed when you get asked a boat load of questions. Clear communication is extremely important to ensure you leave with the best supplement for your condition(s). Natural health is about finding the root cause, not treating symptoms. We aren't qualified to diagnose, and we can't run tests, so we are working with limited resources. Let me give you an example:

If you come in and stated "you're tired" you might leave with an energy enhancing supplement for short-term use and maybe greens to correct some mineral deficiencies. And, you may or may not have a modest improvement. 

If you came in and said "you're tired, you get migraines, you have muscle pain, you're constipated and you don't sleep well", red flags may go up for us and we may say "wow, you could really use some magnesium". So even though you had multiple symptoms, you leave with one supplement that is going to be drastically more effective at possibly half the price.


The reality that we have to face is this recession will end, but until it does we have to be cautious with our money. What we don't want to be over any time soon is the state of our health. Our goal is to work with our customers by offering solutions that are budget friendly, and some opportunities to save you money with coupons and discount days. 

As always if you have any questions, chat with your associate, or email me! 


Organic is humane treatment of animals

by Anne Macey @ Organic Week

Price is a recurring theme in conversations about organic meat and eggs. I’m often asked – Why is organic meat is so expensive? Is the cheaper organic product being sold in some stores really organic?  Why should I pay $6 or $7 a dozen for organic eggs? What are the benefits? The simple answers are […]

Western Family Probiotic 30 Billion Active Cells 30.00 pack

Western Family Probiotic 30 Billion Active Cells 30.00 pack

Save On Foods

Western Family Probiotic 30 Billion Active Cells

Corn snake (pantherophis guttatus guttatus)Spruce grove alberta canada PosterPrint -

Corn snake (pantherophis guttatus guttatus)Spruce grove alberta canada PosterPrint -

Free Shipping. Buy Corn snake (pantherophis guttatus guttatus)Spruce grove alberta canada PosterPrint at


by Elaine @ The Herbal Mama

Making the Starter Ingredients: -1 Kombucha SCOBY -1⁄4 Cup (minimum) Kombucha starter liquid (from previous batch – FULL STRENGTH!) -1 Cup Sugar (Cane Sugar) -4 Tea Bags (4 Tablespoons loose) High Tannin Tea: black, green, red rooibos, white peony, assam, gynostemma, raspberry leaf. -12 Cups of Water (Fill vessel) Preparation: Boil water, make strong brew of tea (30 minute minimum), ...

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Organic Farming: More Profitable & Environmentally Friendly

by Tyler Suchman @

Organic farming, despite lower yields than conventional crops, is more profitable, environmentally friendly and delivers “equally or more nutritious foods that contain less (or no) pesticide residues” according to a new study by Nature Plants. This study spans forty years of research and also stresses that no single approach to farming will safely feed the […]

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A time to grow

by Sveta Silverman @ Ask Dr. Silverman

Upon my return from the LifeVantage Global convention, I found new inspiration to write. Not about business, products, medicine, science, financial future and success, but about personal growth. Personal growth How do I become a … Read more

Fatty fallacy!

by Iconium @ Ask Dr. Silverman

Who wants to be fat? We all love and thrive to look better and slimmer, right? Fats are a constant subject of dieting: low fats and high fats diets.  And what about that “dreadful” cholesterol, … Read more

Probiotic POPS & Heart Healthy Herbal Detox Workshop POP-UP

Probiotic POPS & Heart Healthy Herbal Detox Workshop POP-UP


Join Herbalist Elaine Doucette Cl.H. for a fun & informative class on how to brew your own probiotic pops using water kefir wild culture starters as well as a simple traditional Beet Kvass brine recipe. Fermented beets have many healing qualities including aphrodisiac powers! Learn more herbal exxxtasy elixirs and herbs to brighten up your Valentine's day. xoxoIncludes:-Water Kefir demo & coconut water kefir champagne service-Beet Kvass in a wine glass as a virgin cocktail demo & taster-Herbal Exxxtasy Elixir shots & love potion taster-Healthy Heart herbs & February's nourishing detox kit reveal$30 per personBring a date and sample all the virgin cocktails & love potions together!! Sweetheart deal: 2 seats for $50 Workshop location: Pure Health 10844 124 StreetTuesday, Feb 13th 6pm - 8pmWorkshop ticket is free with purchase of February's Self Love Herbal Detox Kit (more info below)Water Kefir kits & culture available to purchase from The Herbal Mama (pricing below)February's Self Love NEW MOON 10-day Liver Cleanse & Herbal Detox to Nourish Your Body, Mind & Spirit Cleanse Group STARTS online:Monday, February 19thFour days after the new moon#intunewiththemoon #new #moonThe Herbal Detox Kit Includes:"Non-stimulating, non-purging herbs... only nourishing tonic herbs for the purrrfect Winter Booster"-10-Day supply of Herbal Detox Tea & Nourishing Fibre Blend-Herbal Bitters & Adaptogen Tincture (handmade with locally grown herbs!) -Herbal Detox Bath Salts (upgraded)-Detox Guidebook-New Year, New You - Revolution recipes-Cleanse along with a GROUP hosted by Elaine Doucette Cl.H. Detox Kit Also Include's the Following Workshops:1. Water Kefir & Beet Kvass Workshop: Brew your own EASY & delicious probiotic pop!! ~With Herbal Upgrades for Heart Health ~Beet Kvass sampling and demo (OMG it's so easy!) ~Herbal Exxxtasy potions & aphrodisiac herbs2. (Video 30 min.) Bulletproof Diet Roadmap overview; Alcohol-What to Drink? Herbal Hangover Helpers!! 3. (Bonus Video 30 min.) Self Love & Heart Health Talk:~How to use the Jade Rollers & Jade Eggs. The amazing feedback from those who have already!~Heart Healthy food & herbsHerbal Detox Kit: $50Sweetheart Deal: 2 kits for $88Available at Feb 13th Workshop:@theherbalmama VENDOR TABLE with ferments, kits & products available to taste, try & PICK-UP...~50ml Herbal Exxxtasy Potions: $25~Water Kefir Kit (includes: funnel, sieve, wide mouth glass jar, plastic lid & wild local starter grains): $30~Water Kefir Grains (active, wild culture, brewed with organic cane sugar): $10~1L Growlers of Kefir Probiotic Pop: $15 (coconut water champagne, Grape Reishi pop)~500ml kraut: $15 (SEXY BEET Kraut, Turmeric Chi Kraut, Celery Salsa Kraut)~250ml kraut: $8~Jade Rollers: $35~Jade Eggs: $55 (Not available for trial ;) )I can ship my products & kits by any means necessary, (Except the brewed Water Kefir Pop in Growlers) Contact me directly for more info & to RSVP.Supplies are limited and often sell out!!! xoxoEmail: theherbalmama@gmail.comPure Health Spa & Clinic: 780-488-7873

Navigating Your Health Food Store For New Years Weight Loss Resolutions:

by Chelsea Hohnstein @ Blog - Simply Health

Navigating Your Health Food Store For New Years Weight Loss Resolutions:

1) Identify Your Priorities

It's easy at New Year's to create a long list of things that you are going to improve. Many people scoff at the idea of New Years resolutions because they seem so unattainable but if you start with a practical, obtainable goal it's more achievable than you think.

For example: if you struggle to eat enough in a day to keep your energy levels sustained and blood sugars stable consider making your first weeks goal to pack snacks with you. I like to keep things like apples and pears with me, as well as nuts and raisins for when I am on the go. I have a few protein bars handy as well that go in my car for days I'm running late and don't get breakfast in.

If you are one of those people who struggles to drink enough water, or who consumes a lot of coffee consider making your second weeks goal to drink more water by carrying a water bottle with you .

*If you have time look into the EcoVessel water bottle found at Grove Health, you won't regret it. 

2) Skip the heavily marketed products

They are everywhere, and if you've seen the product pop up on every advertisement on Facebook, on TV, on the radio, or in your email inbox to some shady website this product is likely low on the credibility scale.

3) Do not buy a product unless you're ready to commit to three months worth. 

Simply put, most products aren't intended to work overnight.On average, weight loss products report 2-4 pounds lost per month...not the 5-20 people seem to believe. 

Here are some products that are much better than buying a "fat-burning" miracle pill like they all claim to be:

Please, not to replace every meal with! But how many of you skip breakfast or lunch, never snack, or have night-time cravings? That is bad behaviour if you are looking to develop positive eating habits and possibly lose weight. For breakfast you can mix a full serving with milk or water and berries, or for a snack you could mix up a half serving with water or milk. It is so incredibly important to keep your blood sugars stable with high-fiber, high protein options. 

Admittedly, meal replacement powders aren't always the greatest tasting, especially a high quality powder free of artificial sweeteners. If that is something you can't get down, you can use a high-powered blender to experiment with other ingredients (there is no shortage of smoothie recipes online!).

  • Blood sugar formula

Most companies are catching on now and marketing their blood sugar formulas for weight loss. But it comes down to this: if your blood sugars are stable you have higher energy levels, you prevent diabetes, and you keep your triglycerides (stored fat) low. Of course this is in combination with a balanced diet! If you need assistance with that, I'll refer you to Hilary with  at 360 Wellness ((780) 962-4646):) 

  • A Cleanse

I'm not saying that if you do a cleanse you are going to lose a ton of weight, or make claims that it will "reset" your body. But there are a few important aspects of a cleanse that shouldn't be overlooked. First, any productive cleanse is going to involve dietary restrictions, which in itself will support weight loss. Second of all, many people DO lose weight (water weight) while on a cleanse, but that alone is enough to encourage a person to keep up with the dietary restrictions after the cleanse is complete. Third, the herbs in the cleanse can help an individual have a more clear complexion, better energy levels, less bloating, and even improved sleep; all things that help to keep a person motivated on their journey. Finally, we can't discard the psychological mind-game: you paid for a cleanse, you are most likely going to commit to it. 

*Do not do a cleanse if you are on any prescription medications, as the herbs may cause your medications to be metabolized too quickly, thus rendering them ineffective. Additionally, herbs are not tested for contraindications with medications. 

PS: My personal favourite cleanse is Botanica's restorative cleanse:)

4) Get on the basics

Your body needs fundamental nutrients to function optimally. If you want healthy energy levels and have been depriving your body of nutrients through processed foods, skipping meals, and binge eating junk then you need to build some of that back up. Another way to support your body, is through supplements that help with exercise recovery to capitalize on your time in the gym. 

Chat with the health food store employee to identify your basics. There is no need to do more than three supplements at a time, to keep compliant, and to keep your new program cost effective. Basics can be a combination of: greens powder or a multivitamin, Vitamin D, a probiotic, a fish oil, a B-complex, or magnesium. Remember, your three supplements are static; as you notice improvements your priorities are going to shift, and consequently, so will your supplements. 

Weight management is a lifetime goal, and it is important to create goals that are attainable and make sense to your overall health. I'm sorry to say but there are no quick fixes; eat well and exercise, choose supplements that support your daily goals and keep at it!

Written by Chelsea Hohnstein 



Review: Café Altura Organic Instant Coffee

by Tyler Suchman @

Founded in 1980, Cafe Altura was the first organic coffee company in the United States. They run a small operation in Santa Paula, CA, working with organic, Fair-Trade coffee suppliers internationally. They recently launched a new Organic Instant Coffee, which I was excited about. I travel about ten months a year, and not every destination […]

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Celebrating the Year, from Kolya Naturals

by kolya @ Kolya Naturals

“Celebrating the Year” is a time to grab a cup of tea and fill the PDF out slowly, taking time to pause and reflect on what has changed over the past year.

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by admin @ Momentum Health and Wellness

I love how kids perceive the world.  From the planets, to the mountains to where babies are born! My daughters always ask me mind – blowing questions about the world and I honestly don’t even know how to answer some of their questions! When they asked about where they came from and how they got […]

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Why You Should Choose Transitional Organic

by Darcy Smith @ Organic Week

If you’re reading this, certified organic food likely makes its way onto your table regularly, so you don’t need us to tell you how great it is for people and the planet (it really is!). You probably don’t need us to tell you that certified organic farmers meet strict regulations to ensure their veggies are, […]

Natural Health Versus Western Medicine

by Chelsea Hohnstein @ Blog - Simply Health


Natural Health Versus Western Medicine:


I LOVE the natural health industry but I do have one criticism: we are way too hard on the medical system and unfortunately, sometimes those involved in the natural health industry can be overly critical of people who use Western Medicine. Obviously, this goes both ways because there are many strictly science-oriented people who have strong criticisms of natural health also. Recently there has been controversy surrounding a case that was covered heavily by the media, and I get nervous that because of the misuse of natural health products, and the underutilization of our medical system that there may be more deaths, or, that natural health products will meet their demise in our country. One of my strongest goals with remaining in the natural health industry is finding a way to educate the public about the appropriate ways to utilize natural health, while encouraging people to incorporate Western medicine where necessary. I’d also like to gently encourage strictly science-minded people to dabble in our natural health hippy-stuff a little bit but maybe that’s for another time.


Natural health and western medicine CAN and in fact should co-exist but what's frightening is the radical opposition between the two, both from higher level professionals and the public.For example, there are people who refuse to take antibiotics for severe ailments, and people who take antibiotics (often incorrectly) for absolutely everything when there are natural products that could work just as well with, might I add, some science to support its use.  And unfortunately, we as consumers are so misguided and ill-informed when it comes to the intentions behind natural health products that we think of products as either ineffective, or as miracle products. We've also been so sorely misled when it comes to prescription medications and medical care that many of us avoid the doctors simply out of spite. And let’s face it, when we’ve got people sleeping in hallways of the hospitals it’s easy to want to take matters into our own hands. So I'd like to share with you some principles of natural medicine so that we can use these products safely, and hopefully keep Health Canada from taking these products away from us.


1) Find a doctor who will be an advocate for you and someone who you feel comfortable with. It is incredibly important that you disclose all supplements whether it be vitamins, minerals, herbs and Homeopathics to your doctor. You're right, they might not know what they are, but a great doctor at the very least will let you know if they are concerned about any contraindications with medications or their desired course of treatment. Natural is not a synonym for “always safe”. A pharmacist is also a valuable resource that can help you sort through potential contraindications. If you are not on any medications, and you do not have any diagnosed medical conditions, generally speaking you are safe to try supplements.


2) Natural health is intended to encompass body, mind and soul. It does not mean you can pick up a bottle of Hawthorn and think you'll never have high blood pressure. You need to exercise, you need to eat well and you need to manage stress. Natural health products are not targeted therapies, they are meant to be a ‘supplement’ to a relatively healthy lifestyle, and to fill in a few gaps here and there. While there are certainly products that work effectively as a stand-alone, most of them are no match for a terrible diet and inactive lifestyle.


3) Natural health products are not intended to be a last resort: prevention is the best medicine. Go to your doctor for your annual check ups, and be proactive about your health. And, if you do end up with a diagnosed medical condition you need to see a doctor! This may sound opposite to what you expect from a person who works in a health food store, but a diagnosed medical condition does not mean it's time start experimenting with a cocktail of natural health remedies, unless your doctor okays it. And, many doctors are open-minded enough to respect your wishes, and will give you a time frame. For example if you want to try the natural route and get to the root cause of your condition, than you can take three or six months before you require medication. If your doctor is not cooperative and you still want to seek a natural alternatives,than it is wise to do so under the guidance of a licensed naturopath who will give you better and more qualified advice than the Internet. The health food associates can offer some great advice too, which will get you started but please be reminded that we aren't formally trained like a naturopath would be!


4) Though natural health is best preventatively, there are lots of natural health products that do work on symptoms. As an example, if I am at the onset of a migraine I can often take some ginger and magnesium and either avoid it completely or bring it down to a tolerable level. But, there's no need to be a hero. For heaven's sake if you  absolutely need a Tylenol with caffeine in it for a migraine,  go ahead.  But, if you find yourself continually needing something for a headache it's time to identify the root cause, and that's where natural health really, really shines!


5) Finally, my last point is perhaps a little self-serving but I am going to say it anyways. There is money involved in natural health supplements, and that means that there is bound to be some deceptive marketing and questionable companies producing products for the sake of profit, not truly for your health. So, shop at a reputable health food store, where the person in charge of ordering has likely done their research on the products and the company manufacturing the products, and where the staff are predominantly concerned that you go home with the right product-even if that means none at all. Health foods store associates are not selling TV’s; we are selling products for your health and you should feel comfortable with your associate, and ultimately with your purchase. It’s for your health, not something to stare at in your living room. If you happen to need a recommendation for a health food store to shop at, I happen to know two:)


Back To School

by Chelsea Hohnstein @ Blog - Simply Health

It’s summertime, which means in retail world it’s time to start thinking about back to school! There are a number things that parents need to consider to provide their kids with the best possible nutrition, and sometimes that requires supplements.Here is a list of three things to consider when prepping your child for back to school.

1. Omega-3’s

Omega-3’s are polyunsaturated fats found predominantly in fish, though they are available through plant based foods such as walnuts, chia seeds, camelina oil, and flaxseeds .Fish are the optimum source of Omega-3’s as the fish have already converted the ALA into forms usable for the body.  Though there are relatively few studies to choose from that focus specifically on children, there are a handful that suggest that children with higher amounts of Omega-3’s in their diet have less obstacles when it comes to attention, learning and behaviours. Considering that the sources of Omega-3 are from foods that many kids resist eating, a supplement may be valuable, especially if you’ve noticed your child struggling in any of these areas.

I’ve included some links to some information so you can read on this subject a little further:


2. Probiotics

In terms of the research world, probiotics are still a fairly new concept, so there is conflicting science on the benefits of probiotics. One of the limitations is that there are SO many different strains of bacteria, each with a different job, and in order to determine a specific strains benefits there is a lot of narrowing down to do when trying to match a strain with a “condition”.

What we DO know so far is that probiotics offer benefits for children with constipation or diarrhea, allergies and eczema.There is also a study linked below that suggests that supplementing with Lactobacillus reuteri ATCC 55730  resulted in fewer days absent from daycare and less antibiotic use, and we can use that information from daycare setting and extrapolate that to a school setting as well.

Ongoing research is being done to determine their efficacy for improving immunity, reducing duration of upper respiratory infections and even for mood and behaviour. There is evidence suggesting that children who were formula fed or born by Cesarean can also benefit from supplementing with probiotics.

Probiotics and Children IBS

Probiotics, Infection and Immunity

Probiotics and Child Care Centers


3. Multivitamin

Though I am not one of those individuals who believes that all children should be on a multivitamin I do see their merit for the parent of a picky eater. A multivitamin is great to fill in some dietary gaps to ensure your child has an adequate intake of vitamins and minerals. It is very important that parents do not rely on a multivitamin as the only source of nutrients. There are a variety of multivitamins available for children to take, so make sure to chat with your health food associate to determine which multivitamin would be best for your child.

This is certainly not an extensive list of supplements that are advantageous to children’s health, however it is a great start, and I can imagine most of your kids don’t want to take much more than that! Enjoy the rest of your summer everyone:)

Top 10 Foods for Pregnancy

by Elaine @ The Herbal Mama

For thousands of years in traditional cultures, prior to this age of obesity, cancer and diabetes, pregnant women would feast on organ meats, seafood, eggs, herbs and high fat foods. It was common practice that for 6 months prior to conception, couples would go on a special diet of organic liver and other organ meats, fish eggs and other seafood, ...

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Grocery Foodservice Retailers Ahold Delhaize and Kroger Fry’s Food Stores Commit to Safer, Smarter Deli Operations

by Jim @ Western Grocer

Leader in automated oil management enables grocery delis to meet increased demand for high-quality prepared foods MINNEAPOLIS, Feb. 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Restaurant Technologies is pleased to announce its most recent partnerships with two large retailers: Ahold Delhaize and Kroger Fry’s Food Stores. Responding to the increased consumer demand for high-quality grab-and-go and prepared foods, these …

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A Doctor Who Markets an Avenue of Health

by Iconium @ Ask Dr. Silverman

A doctor that makes a difference I love being a doctor; but today’s blog is not about medicine, proper food or supplements. I had always wanted to follow my mother steps. She was a natural born … Read more

Grove Health Supplement & Food on Instagram: “IT'S FERMENTED FEBRUARY! That means you can take advantage of deals even better than our Customer Appreciation Day! Every week, we will…”

Grove Health Supplement & Food on Instagram: “IT'S FERMENTED FEBRUARY! That means you can take advantage of deals even better than our Customer Appreciation Day! Every week, we will…”


55 Likes, 4 Comments - Grove Health Supplement & Food (@grove_health) on Instagram: “IT'S FERMENTED FEBRUARY! That means you can take advantage of deals even better than our Customer…”

Probiotic Party Series

by Elaine @ The Herbal Mama

5 Tips To Meal Prep Like A Pro

by Mandy King, CNP, Holistic Nutritionist @ Genuine Health

With the New Year in full swing, it’s the perfect time to implement some new, healthy habits. Rather than jump […]

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Go with your Gut: Probiotic Health with Welo

by Jim @ Western Grocer

Go with Your Gut: Welo Puts Probiotics at the Top of Your Shopping List Toronto-based millennial start-up takes its probiotic-rich, plant-based, gluten-free, vegan and low-sugar Cold Presses, Drinking Vinegars, Ferments, and Bars to store shelves across Canada Toronto, ON – January 30 – Good bacteria may sound like an oxymoron, but your body can benefit …

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Knowledge is Power. The ABC’s of 2016

by Sveta Silverman @ Ask Dr. Silverman

  I am so very happy to introduce to you my first guest writer and a dear, dear friend of mine, Keri Lynn! She has an amazing heart full of love and kindness toward all … Read more

Pregnant and Hot Yoga … Risks vs Benefits

by admin @ Momentum Health and Wellness

A pregnant lady was asked to leave a hot yoga class by the yoga instructor to due to safety concerns with the heat and pregnancy. There is not enough research to show whether or not hot yoga is safe during pregnancy.  If this is the case, why take any risks for your developing baby? Enjoy […]

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Tired of worrying about what’s really in your food? There is an answer: Go organic

by Organic Week @ Semaine Bio

By Matthew Holmes, Executive Director, Canada Organic Trade Association  When you ask people what’s special about organic food, they generally say organic farmers do not use toxic chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). That’s part of the picture, but there is much more to it. Organic agriculture offers compelling […]

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