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do your part for the tuna fishies!

by (Amber) @ my pursuit of serenity, health & happiness

There are many varieties of fish that are seriously being over fished, and all of the immoral practices that go along with it. Canned tuna is one of the most popular sources of fish in our stores and pantrys. Greenpeace Canada just posted a sustainability ranking of brands of canned tuna in Canada, describing why they get positive or negative ratings. I must say, it looks pretty bleak. The top rated company is Raincoast Trading, located in B.C. who are clearly doing a fantastic job. Buy Raincoast!

Check to see how your brands of tuna rate at greenpeace canned tuna guide.

Instead of just reading this, and being disgusted at how they are depleting the oceans, why don't we do something about it. Let them know we want change! I'm making it easy for you, giving you something to cut and paste. Also, please boycott, like you're going to say you are. Clearly all they are interested in is money, so let's withhold it from them.

Oh come on now, I know you're just going to pinterest, anyway.

Cut and paste this:

It's time to get on board and help save our oceans. I ask that you please develop a sustainable seafood procurement policy and commit to ensuring more sustainable and equitable tuna.  Immediately discontinue the sale of unsustainable tuna, including Redlisted yellowfin tuna. Provide transparency into fishing practices, and info on the label about where the fish was caught and how. Publically support the creation of marine reserves. Until you can fully support ethical fishing, I will be boycotting Pastene products, and spreading the word as far and wide as I can.

Send to Pastene:

Cut and paste this:

It's time to get on board and help save our oceans. I ask that you please develop a sustainable seafood procurement policy and commit to ensuring more sustainable and equitable tuna.  Stop sourcing tuna from destructive skipjack purse seine fisheries using fish aggregating devices. Please begin to provide info on the label about where the fish was caught and publically support the creation of marine reserves. Until you can fully support ethical fishing, I will be boycotting Unico products, and spreading the word as far and wide as I can.

Send to Unico:

Cut and paste this:

It's time to get on board and help save our oceans. Stop sourcing tuna from destructive skipjack purse seine fisheries using fish aggregating devices and harmful longlines. Please commit to and publically support the development of marine reserves, and begin to provide info on the label about where the fish was caught and how. Until you can fully support ethical fishing, I will be boycotting Great Value products, and spreading the word as far and wide as I can.

Fill out Wal-mart's form here:

Cut and paste this:

I appreciate your public efforts in fish sustainability, however you're clearly not fully committed. I ask that you please stop the sale of redlisted yellowfin tuna immediately.  Stop sourcing tuna from destructive skipjack purse seine fisheries using fish aggregating devices. Please publically commit to avoiding tuna coming from proposed marine reserves and begin to provide info on the label about where the fish was caught and how. Until you can fully support ethical fishing, I will be boycotting Selections products, and spreading the word as far and wide as I can.

Fill out Metro's form here:

Cut and paste this:

It's time to commit to saving our oceans. I ask that you please stop sourcing fish from places using fish aggragating devices and longlines. Please begin to provide info on the label about where the fish was caught and how. Publically start supporting the creation of marine reserves. Until you can fully support ethical fishing, I will be boycotting Western Family products, and spreading the word as far and wide as I can.

Send to here: Overweightea food group:

Cut and paste this:

It's time to commit to saving our oceans. I ask that you immediately stop the sale of all redlisted fish, including yellowfin tuna. Please stop sourcing fish from places using fish aggragating devices and longlines. Start providing info on the label about where the fish was caught, and publically support the creation of marine reserves and equitable tuna. Until you can fully support ethical fishing, I will be boycotting Clover Leaf products, and spreading the word as far and wide as I can.

Fill out the form here:

Thanks! Lets hope this helps things a bit!

by (ZerOniX) @ Apuntes para Universitarios

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