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Lost FitDay PC License Info

by peggoal @ FitDay Discussion Boards

Hello, I just recently moved to a new laptop and lost my license info. I was able to save all of my backups but now cannot login since I need to...

Lost FitDay PC License Info

by peggoal @ FitDay Discussion Boards

Hello, I just recently moved to a new laptop and lost my license info. I was able to save all of my backups but now cannot login since I need to...

ICSC 2013 - PDF Free Download

ICSC 2013 - PDF Free Download

Aug 28, 2013 - Realty Inc. He is also, the Executive Vice Chairman of First Capital. Realty's largest shareholder, Gazit...

Making Excuses

by (Karyn) @ Musings from me

Just in case you're wondering why my posts are all so far behind......

If I was to post new photos, that would mean I'd have to load them off my camera(s) onto the computer and then move them from iPhoto where they automatically go. 

This takes time and I just have not had that luxury the last couple weeks.   Don't worry, I'll get to it.

There are photos from kids visiting, a soccer game, a couple birthdays, a hockey game, and baptisms.

Also, photos to support a complaint about how cold it is - or was - or will be.

Besides, I'm almost to our Family Christmas Celebration.....lots of photos for that day!  I'll get to January before February.

I hope.

Online vs. PC

by miclew @ FitDay Discussion Boards

Is the nutrition database more up to date in the online version than the PC version?

James 1:27

by (Karyn) @ Musings from me

Full disclosure:  This is a 'faith post' - if you are easily offended by the Word of God and a discussion of what it means to our lives, don't bother reading this post.  I won't be offended.  :)  In fact, to be clear - I am speaking to those who are Christians, followers of Jesus.

"Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world"  James 1:27 (NKJV)

This verse has come up in my conversations with a few different people lately - often, in fact.

Jim and I were talking about this verse the other day and in my mind's eye I saw small spots of black mud on a person's clothing, hands, and face.   The person was standing - just standing - near a puddle of mud.  Not standing IN the mud, not splashing in the water, not running through it.....just standing near enough that when someone else splashed, they were spotted with mud.

Just like when my dog, Bella, runs through the 'swamp' (septic runoff) at the back of our property, keeps running, and when she finally stops and shakes, everyone and everything nearby gets covered with black spots of really yucky water.

We are all pretty careful to stay away from her when she is about to shake - we try to remain UNSPOTTED by the swamp water - by staying away from the source (Bella).

I believe this picture is the way we should be with the 'world' - keep far enough away that we do not end up spotted by it.

In other words, we don't have to dive into 'worldly behavior' to be affected by it,  we only have to stand near enough to be spotted by it.

What am I saying? 

I am saying be careful of ideas, attitudes, behaviors, and excuses that leave us spotted by the world. 

I am saying stop entertaining ourselves with TV shows/movies that involve 'ignoring' (or trying to ignore) the off-color jokes and innuendos or the immodest clothing worn by the heroines. 

I am saying stop entertaining ourselves with violence, war and destruction.  Or magic and the 'supernatural'.   

 It all seems 'innocent' enough, but it leaves a spot.   Sometimes you don't notice the spot until you are covered with spots.

Step back.

Stay unspotted.

And when you find yourself with spots of the world? 

James 1:21 "Therefore, lay aside all filthiness and overflow of wickedness and receive with meekness the implanted WORD, which is able to save your doers of the Word and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves..."

(see also John 15:3; Eph 5:25b-27; Eph 4:23; Rom 12:2; John 17:17; Ps 119:9)

First, James says to set aside those things that overflow with wickedness - those things that leave us spotted.  Then, he says to humbly receive the Word of God which saves our souls.

The other verses tell us that we are cleansed (sanctified/made holy) by the Word - by Truth.

So, stop neglecting the Word of God. 

Stop filling our time/lives with anything BUT the Word.  (Lay them aside, as James says)

Take time to read the Bible.  Or listen to someone read it on a recording. 

Yes, it will require developing a 'taste' for it, if you have not been putting it into your life already - go ahead and begin to whet your appetite for the Living Word of God.   

At the same time, start noticing that God is with you at all times - talk to Him.  As you go about your day - acknowledge Him.  Ask Him for wisdom for each task you undertake.  Talk to Him about that beautiful sunrise, the cute thing your child just did/said, thank Him for your wife or husband. Talk to Him about what to make for supper, how to figure something out, which cut of meat is the best deal.... Talk to Him about your hurt feelings, the fact that your boss is being difficult - ask Him how you could bless the person that just was rude to you.   ACT LIKE HE IS RIGHT BESIDE YOU..... because He is.   Treat Him like your best friend - your confidant.

Spend time worshiping, praying, reading His word, listening for His voice.  

Let His Word and His presence wash all those spots off of you.

And you know what?   You will find yourself standing farther away from those things that leave spots of the world on you.

You will fulfill that part of what James calls "pure and undefiled religion"

I'm not ignoring the first part of the verse - but I have felt compelled to emphasize the second part - I think we - not only Christians, either - know that we should meet the needs of those less fortunate.  But we seem to think it's OK to have a bit of mud spattered on ourselves.

James says otherwise.

Step back.

Keep your distance.

Have you any idea about diabetes type 2?

by NisaReis @ FitDay Discussion Boards

My father is suffering from diabetes till 5 years. He doesn't avoid junk foods and sweets. Only does morning walk. He doesn’t agree to do exercise....

Vacation Fast Food my ideas. Yours?

by dominickolas @ FitDay Discussion Boards

Hello. In about 2 weeks I am going to go on vacation by car. I will have two whole days in the car, going and coming. I am traveling with family so I...

What I was born to be....

by (Karyn) @ Musings from me


This blog has become pretty random and 'sporadic'.  I do miss the writing and who knows?  maybe I'll get back at it.  My life is certainly full of things to write about.  :)  

Whether or not I begin to be a regular poster again or continue to just randomly post, remains to be seen - in other words, no promises.  

I wanted to share some thoughts that I had earlier today,....

I spent some time worshiping at the piano this morning.  I ended with an OLD song –

“I was born to be your dwelling place
A home for the presence of the Lord.
So let my heart now be separated unto Thee
That I might be what I was born to be”

I was struck by how I (we) take that for granted.
“Yes, we are the temple of the Holy Spirit” but then we go about our life ignoring the fact.


I was BORN to be the dwelling place of the most High God.

My PURPOSE is to be the home of the God of the universe.

I am supposed to be the HOME of the Holy One!

How can He live in me if my heart is full of sin, doubt, worry & fear, anger, unbelief? 

There is no room left for Him!

How do I separate my heart to Him so that I CAN be His home?


Let go of the sinful desires, the habits that draw me away.
Let go of the entertainment that brings darkness into my mind and heart.
Let go of the mindless entertainment that doesn’t necessarily bring darkness, but focuses my mind away from Him and thus, opens the door to my fleshly desires.
Let go of my right to be right.
Let go of my anger.
Let go of my right to be treated a certain way.
Let go of my fear and just trust Him.
Let go of what I see around me and just trust HIM.
Root out and let go of everything that takes up room in HIS house – my heart – and pushes Him out.
Let go of the love of the things and rhythms of this world.
Let go of my right to choose what is in my heart.
Let go of my right to protect myself from the hurt others might inflict on me.
Let go of complaining and grumbling – even about the government.
Let go of the ‘need’ to correct or ‘set straight’ those around me – especially my spouse.
Let go of my need for acceptance from people.
Let go of anything that stops me from denying myself, picking up my cross (dying to myself) and following Jesus.

Just let the Spirit of God move in, lock, stock and barrel.  Let HIM ‘redecorate’ according to HIS tastes.  Let my heart belong WHOLLY to HIM.

What love the Father has for me…..that He would fashion a home for Himself in me. 

He doesn’t NEED my heart in order to have a home.  He has all of heaven as His home.

But he wants to LIVE, DWELL, REST, RESIDE in me!

A dwelling place is that place where you go to ‘just be yourself’.  It is a place of refuge, calm, love, quiet.  It’s a place where you relax and just be with those with whom you live.

God wants to make ME His home.


In fact, He created me for that very purpose.

Whatever other plans He has for me, they begin with my being His dwelling place – His home.

How awesome is that?

Lord, help me to not take this for granted anymore.  Keep me aware of your presence in me – and help me to clean out all MY stuff so you can bring all YOUR stuff in. 

Vacation Fast Food my ideas. Yours?

by dominickolas @ FitDay Discussion Boards

Hello. In about 2 weeks I am going to go on vacation by car. I will have two whole days in the car, going and coming. I am traveling with family so I...

Answers - Part 3

by (Karyn) @ Musings from me

I hope I didn't give you the impression that we like all the 'answers' we are being given this past week - because some of the answers (or what look like answers) are not pleasant.

Not at all.

A major question we have had - and one which my neurosurgeon also had - is "Why do I still experience high levels of pain whenever I DO anything?"

I'm pretty good if my doing involves computer work - if I use a certain chair - and not for too long.  But if 'doing' involves standing, bending, lifting, etc.......not so good.

At the time of my last appointment with Dr. N, my 'activity level' was that I could barely make it through breakfast preparation - and only if I used my stool to 'sit' for short breaks during the process.  Also, I could not carry both plates to the table at the same time.  I had to ask Jim to bring the water jug - it was just too heavy and caused more pain.

(I can now make and serve breakfast without a break and sometimes I can even keep standing long enough to do the dishes afterward.  But by the time this light chore is done with, my pain levels have shot up from a 2 to a 7 or even an 8.   Sitting down to rest causes a spike until my body has relaxed sufficiently.)

When I gave him the above information, Dr. N was concerned that although the fracture appeared stable on the X Rays, it was not healing properly so he ordered an MRI.  That was near the beginning of May, shortly after I began Physical Therapy appointments twice a week - with a regimen of exercises to do at home.  We all hoped that the PT would change things as my muscles were strengthened.

It was possible that the pain was muscle related - either muscles severely damaged in the accident or muscles that were atrophied after being mostly unused for 4 - 5 months.   In fact, much of the time, it did feel like muscle.

But there were those other times that I tried to ignore.......especially when getting into bed or shifting my position in bed.   Then, I could not deny that it felt more like the injury site.  In fact, at times, when laying on my back, I could swear the base of my spine felt swollen.

Weird, eh?

I have gotten stronger, for sure, since that last visit with Dr. N.
I move quicker while cooking.
I can stand longer.
I can carry a little more.
I can manage the 3 stairs in our back entry more easily - even without help.
I can walk farther and faster.
I do not literally cry every night as I get into bed and try to find a comfortable position.

But......I should not be ever going above a level 2 pain.
I should be able to walk, stand, carry, go up and down stairs pretty close to normally.
I should be able to walk without putting my hands out to touch walls or  without using my cane for balance.
I should be able to get in and out of bed without using the bed rail - and without wincing in pain.
I should be able to roll over in bed without crying out in my sleep.

Unfortunately, I am still a long way from where I should be.

That MRI that was ordered at the beginning of May took place this past Sunday (the 26 of June).

Dr. N called me on Thursday this week with the results.

The L3 fracture is GOOD!  Healed right up.

The L5 fracture is not.

The condition is called 'edema' - the inside of the bone is actually swollen, kind of.

There is a solution, a treatment.

They can inject 'cement' into the vertebrae to 'stiffen' it.  If successful, it should take care of the pain.

That sounded pretty good to me!

Just a few days before this,  I was discouraged, thinking about the possibility of living the rest of my life with the same amount of disability as I have now.   So, the opportunity to 'fix' it?  Where do I sign up?

That was before I read about the procedure at this link.    (The procedure I will be offered is the Vertebroplasty.)  

Now, I'm not so sure.  It's pretty freaky sounding, actually.  What if one of the needles is 'off' by a fraction of a mm?

I have been referred to another specialist - the Doctor who would do the procedure - who knows when his/her office will call with an appointment? 

I'm praying that either the bone continues to heal - at a quicker rate than it has so far - or God does a miracle so I don't need to have this done.    Will you pray with me, please?   Also for wisdom to know what to choose when/if the time comes to decide to have the procedure or not.

In spite of the fact that this answer was NOT what we wanted to hear, it IS an answer.   I know now that I am not just a whiny wimp, as I'd been suspecting - there is actually a reason that I'm still feeling so much  pain and finding it so difficult to get on with 'normal' life.

This, in itself, is a relief.

So, even though I don't like the ramifications of this  answer,  I'm very thankful to have it.

Have you any idea about diabetes type 2?

by NisaReis @ FitDay Discussion Boards

My father is suffering from diabetes till 5 years. He doesn't avoid junk foods and sweets. Only does morning walk. He doesn’t agree to do exercise....

Online vs. PC

by miclew @ FitDay Discussion Boards

Is the nutrition database more up to date in the online version than the PC version?

Answers - Part 4

by (Karyn) @ Musings from me

Jim has been living with unrelenting tinnitus, blurry vision, nausea, balance issues, cognitive challenges, seizure-like jerks in response to noise......just to name a few symptoms that have been plaguing him........for the past 18 months.

The best 'answer' we've been given has been Neuro-Invasive West Nile Virus resulting in Brain damage from the Encephalitis that occurred during the acute stage.   But there has been no actual proof of this.  The Encephalitis has been assumed because of the brain damage symptoms.

Two MRI's last year showed no 'significant' or 'worrisome' issues on his brain.

The Infectious Disease doctors (West Nile specialists) stated that he would not get any worse and he may, in fact, improve as the brain begins to find new 'paths'.

But....he has gotten 'worse'.  His symptoms have increased in severity as well as more symptoms have appeared.

We began to doubt the diagnosis and suspected MS.

A visit with Jim's doctor revealed that he could not order another MRI since there had been 2 done already last year.  (I guess Alberta Health limits how much a doctor can spend on one patient for diagnostic purposes)   We asked about a Spinal Tap.

"Hasn't that been done already?" he asked.

"No, the neurologist mentioned it as an option in January 2015 but then he proceeded to talk us out of it, saying it was very risky and totally not necessary since there was NOTHING on the MRI."  (The neurologist had decided from the 'git-go' that Jim's symptoms were stress related and, in fact, finally suggested right out that he go to a psychiatrist)

Our doctor mumbled something about "it should have been done" and then asked Jim if he wanted one done now.

I asked if a Spinal Tap would be able to diagnose MS.  He said it would tell them several things and MAY indicate MS if it is there.

We agreed to the procedure and within 48 hours had an appointment with the anesthesiologist at the Wetaskiwin Hospital who does this procedure often on women in labor who are having an epidural.  Well, it's not exactly the same procedure - with an epidural, he is injecting something into the spinal column.  With a SP, he is drawing fluid out of the spinal column.  The 'skill', though....the ability to 'hit the mark' without paralyzing the the same.

June 28 (last Tuesday) the Spinal Tap was done.

Everything went well during the procedure.

My biggest fear was that Jim's body would jerk (his micro-seizures) at something being dropped in the hallway - or a beep on a monitor.   The doctor kept Jim engaged in conversation to avoid this and my fears were calmed as I listened from the hallway to their talking.  (If his mind is engaged in conversation, he does not react to the sounds as much).

The doctor told Jim the 'opening pressure' was 31 cm H2O (you just have to remember 31) and he brought the pressure down to 27.   He also said the fluid was clear, not cloudy - which would have indicated bacteria.

He wasn't sure what the 'normal range' for pressure should be and when he was done, he went to look it up.  He came back saying it should be 20 - 25 so at 27 Jim was only slightly above normal high.  Jim said "But it was 31 at opening". 

"Oh, yes, you're right" the Dr. responded.


He  mentioned that if the pressure went back up, Jim might need a shunt (we were unsure what that would entail) and that if he had a headache for too many days, they would have to do a 'blood patch'.  He then instructed Jim to lay flat for about 1/2 hour.

A nurse came in just after Jim lay down and she lowered his bed.

That sentence does not even begin to describe what happened, though.

The bed dropped drastically and HARD, making a terrible noise (which caused Jim's body to jerk) AND it dropped head first, putting his head way below his feet for a few seconds.  She dropped the feet next - same hard, rude drop...too far.  It took another drop to level him out.

All because she was afraid he'd try to get off the bed when it was higher than normal.

I was SO not impressed!

Anyway, a half hour went by and they came in to say he could leave.  He asked for another 15 minutes, just to be sure, since we had a half hour to travel.

On the way home, Jim began to research the pressure issue (having worked with pressure extensively in his job, the concept is very familiar to him.......even the fact that a flexible spinal cord would not act exactly like the rigid pipes he has worked with).

Normal pressure of the spinal fluid should be 9 - 18.

Jim's pressure was 31!!!

Without doing any more reading, it was obvious to us that  there is extra pressure on the brain, and pressure would  logically result in many of the symptoms he has experienced - especially the very uncomfortable feeling of PRESSURE on his brain that he has talked to the doctor about repeatedly.

In typical 'Jim' fashion, he began to search the medical sites online to find out what conditions resulted from a high opening pressure.

Since we don't want to 'self diagnose', let's just say that there are medical conditions that would produce the types of symptoms Jim's been experiencing which would have a high pressure spinal fluid flow. 

The causes of these conditions are varied - from unkown to trauma to viral to tumor.   The only one that would make sense in Jim's case is viral (West Nile).  

The good news is that if it is one of these conditions, the brain damage is NOT permanent and there are treatment options, most of which are surgical - if 'the patient' meets the criteria.

The bad news is that it could get a whole lot worse and the surgery is less likely to 'work' for any length of time.

Again, not the best answer, but an answer.

We have another appointment with Jim's doctor this week to find out the 'official' results, but over the phone, he told me the results so far look 'good'.  At the time, he didn't have the opening pressure number.

Which brings me to why I was talking on the phone to Jim's doctor..........

Let's go back to the day of the procedure when he was given 45 minutes to lay flat in Trauma Room 2 of the ER........

He felt not too bad for most of the day but toward late afternoon, a headache began.  The worst headache he has ever experienced.  We had knew of the possibility of a headache, but since it did not come on right away, he thought he'd escaped without it.

The material we read said if the headache lasts more than 48 hours to go back to the doctor.  Rather than drive in, I phoned his doctor after 48 hours passed.  He told me to not worry about it until after the weekend (Monday). 

Tuesday and Wednesday it was bearable, with the strong pain meds he had been given.

Thursday and Friday he spent curled on his bed in our darkened bedroom - even with the meds, laying flat and still was the only thing he could do. 

Saturday he did not dare get up except to use the bathroom, so it was controlled to a bearable level by staying quiet and mostly flat.

Sunday morning he got up for an hour, 'testing the system' as he put it, to see if he could tolerate going to church.

Not a chance.

We are hoping that the headache will subside before the pressure builds up again and maybe.....just maybe......he will be able to notice a difference in his symptoms since the pressure is now 6 cm less - still quite high, but less than it was.

We are hoping this is a 'good' answer - that there are more possibilities that we have not discovered.  At least it might get us a chance to see a different neurologist - one that won't assume 'it's all in your head'.

Right now, we are praying for the headache to subside completely.

I will report with a more complete answer once we've seen the doctor.

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